Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies - 125g

Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio are perfect to enjoy a rich aperitif in the evenings or any time of day thanks to its crunchy texture and delicious aroma. It contains an excellent blend of whole wheat flour of spelled and cinnamon from organic farming to offer a 100% natural and healthy consumption.

Spelled and cinnamon cookies - 125g

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    Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio, a 100% organic product for a healthy and delicious consumption.

    Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio are made of the best ingredients from organic farming to offer a totally natural and healthy appetizer without giving up a delicious taste and crunchy texture. They are suitable for snacking or eating when you like and the best part is that it has a delicious and highly nutritious mixture of spelt and cinnamon.

    Most snacks found in supermarkets are highly counterproductive for nutrition as they are very sugary, contain fats, starch, gluten and endless additives. However, there are always healthy alternatives, in this case Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio, which is made of whole spelt flour, non-hydrogenated margarine, sunflower oil, honey and cinnamon powder. That is to say, a mixture low in gluten and without harmful ingredients for the correct maintenance of health.

    Spelt generally is a type of cereal very used in recipes for vegans, celiacs, diabetics or people allergic to dairy products since from a nutritional point of view it is rich in proteins, minerals (phosphorus, iron and magnesium), vitamins (Group B and E) and fiber. Like traditional wheat, it also works to prepare rich recipes for bread, cookies, pastries, among others, with the only difference being that it is totally low in gluten and recommended for those who prefer more natural alternatives. On the other hand, cinnamon is an indicated spice to improve circulation problems and is an ideal ingredient for people with diabetes since it favors the control of blood sugar levels. It is even very useful to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients thanks to its totally natural ingredients.

    Facts of Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio

    • Delicious blend of whole spelled flour, cinnamon and chocolate chips
    • Low in gluten and without additives
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Rich aroma and crunchy texture
    • Source of minerals, vitamins, energy and fiber
    • Ideal for vegetarians, celiacs, diabetics or people allergic
    • Improves digestion and increases satiety
    • A 100% natural and healthy alternative
    • Packet of 125g (12 cookies of 10.4 g each)

    Eating delicious Spelt and Cinnamon Cookies from Cerealbio accompanied by a tea or any other natural drink in the afternoons or at any time of the day is a great ally to obtain all these advantages besides being a 100% ecological product for a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended Use: eat 1 cookie (14.4 g) either as a snack or at any time of day, accompanied by a delicious tea, fruit juice or other natural drink.

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