Rye Bread with Orange and Almonds from Cerealbio is an excellent choice for those who can not stop eating bread, but at the same time worry about having a healthy diet. This bread, in addition to being made of pure rye, also includes orange and almond, which makes it more appealing and nutritious.

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    Rye Bread with Orange and Almonds from Cerealbio, ideal for preventing constipation.

    The 300-gram Rye Bread with Orange and Almonds from Cerealbio is ideal for lovers of bread and healthy food. With this product you can take advantage of all the properties of rye, orange and almonds. Cerealbio guarantees a true wholemeal bread, with pure rye and not with the bran, as manufacturers have used to.

    The main point of wholemeal bread is that, in addition to having a greater input of nutrients, you would be consuming fiber, with all the advantages that this brings to your body. In addition, rye has very positive properties for health and including orange and almond makes it a product of higher nutritional quality. However, it should be remembered that when maintaining a diet rich in fiber, it is important to maintain a good hydration, so that all these elements can flow more easily through the digestive tract.

    Facts of Rye Bread with Orange and Almonds from Cerealbio

    • Stimulates good digestion, thanks to its considerable input of fiber.
    • Reduces cholesterol and fat accumulation in the abdomen and vital organs.
    • Prevents the onset of constipation.
    • Rye fiber conveys a satisfying sense of satiety. Ideal for those who want to lose weight.
    • The carbohydrates in this bread are slow release, so you will have energy for a good part of the day, without the need to eat too much.
    • Being a wholemeal bread, it has many nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates and some important antioxidants.
    • Including it in the diet implies that you will be protected against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes; Type one and two.
    • One slice adds approximately 73 calories.
    • It is not gluten free, but its concentrations are low compared to wheat bread.
    • Improves the circulation of the blood thanks to its input of linoleic acid.

    Most of the wholemeal breads currently on the market, either are not actually wholemeal or are very expensive so that most people can buy it. In anticipation of this, Cerealbio has set out to prepare a 100% wholemeal product, elaborated under the most rigorous quality standards. It is 300 grams that, although it seems little, will be enough if you manage to distribute them properly among your main meals.

    Recommended use: like all bread, you can enjoy Rye Bread with Orange and Almonds from Cerealbio in your breakfasts, snacks and, for those who consider it, at dinner. You can include it as slices in many dishes, salads, toast or sandwiches, in the way that you prefer.

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