Rye Bread with Oat Flakes - 500g

Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio, in its format of 500 grams, is a food nutritious as well as healthy. All its ingredients are grown in an ecological way. It provides a large amount of fiber that improves digestion and eliminates the fats ingested with food in the daily diet. Thanks to this, it prevents the appearance of cholesterol and helps prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Rye bread with oat flakes - 500g

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    Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio, great alternative to conventional wheat bread ideal for maintaining figure.

    Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio is offered in packet of 500 grams. It is a very particular bread, because it is quite dark in color. It also contains oats and flax seeds. This combination of ingredients makes it have a high amount of fibers, which help the digestive system especially. Thanks to these, not only avoid constipation but also capture the fats before they are absorbed by the body, eliminating them through the large intestine. In this way, it becomes a food that prevents obesity and the appearance of lipid deposits in various areas of the body. Likewise, it achieves the important role of avoiding accumulation of cholesterol in the veins, thus avoiding the dreaded atherosclerosis, which in the long run can trigger cardiovascular events as dangerous as a heart attack. For these reasons, Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio is very useful for leading a healthy life through food. In addition, it is very easy to combine with other foods and in various recipes.

    This bread combines three cereal widely recommended for its nutritional value: rye, oats and flax seeds. Regarding rye, it happens that the main ingredient and the binder of all the others. It is a plant cultivated for centuries, being very used to create a flour with which baked goods are obtained. Likewise, it is characterized because it has less gluten than wheat. It is often used in alternative medicine because of its virtues to optimize the immune system, generates better defense against allergies and fights prostate cancer. It is considered an antioxidant that slows aging and restores damaged cells. In the regions of Eastern Europe it is where it is most consumed, being in fact a typical product of this area of ​​the world. Combined with oats and flax seeds, it contains an impressive amount of fiber. In that way, consuming Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio leads not only to try an aperitif, but to give an organism a magnificent element that improves health.

    Facts of Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio

    • Sold in a packet of 500 grams
    • Based on rye
    • Also includes oats and flax seeds
    • Ecologically grown ingredients
    • 100% natural
    • Prevents constipation
    • Eliminates fats consumed in food
    • Ideal for preventing or eliminating cholesterol

    Rye Bread with Oat Flakes from Cerealbio is an exquisite appetizer, with a good flavor and a magnificent texture on the palate. It is perfect as dessert or to accompany diet dishes.

    Recommended use: it is a perfect complement of any food, and can also be used as an appetizer.

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