Oat drink from Cerealbio, in its container of 1 liter, is a natural food whose essential component is cultivated in an ecological way. It provides the body with a good amount of fiber, amino acids and proteins. In this way, it improves the digestive system, as well as replenish and increase the volume of muscle tissues.

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    Oat drink from Cerealbio: incredible elixir to provide dietary fiber and vegetable protein to the body, improving digestion and muscles.

    Oat drink from Cerealbio is sold in a one-liter container. It is made from ecologically grown oats, which are packaged without preservatives, colorings, preservatives or added sugars. Likewise, it is a food with important supply of carbohydrates, proteins and fibers that help to improve digestion.

    On many occasions, this drink is known as "oat milk", since it is recommended as a substitute for those people who are allergic to lactose. In addition, it has a good amount of proteins and vitamins. Among the latter are those of group B, as well as vitamin E and vitamin A. Likewise, it has among its components a good amount of amino acids, which combined with proteins are used to replenish cells worn during intense physical activity. It also provides slow-acting carbohydrates, which remain as latent energy for longer and take time to become lipids.

    Oats have many properties from the nutritional point of view. In the specific case of Oat drink, it happens that it has specific properties which we describe next. First, it prevents the appearance of cholesterol thanks to its amount of fibers (especially betaglucans) that eliminate fats through the digestive tract before they are absorbed by the body. Another of its benefits is that it helps to boost the nervous system thanks to its wide range of B vitamins. On the other hand, it is true that it contains carbohydrates that provide calories to the body, but they are of slow absorption and therefore delay in being assimilated as lipids in the body. Therefore, it is perfect for sports, long walks or any work involving a body effort that requires a relevant energy input. As added values, it is necessary to indicate that it is used to avoid and, at the same time, treat the ailments of constipation. In addition, because of its carbohydrate content also relieves blood pressure, thus adding factors to significantly improve the cardiovascular system. For all these reasons, Oat drink from Cerealbio is a healthy food for all people.

    Facts of Oat drink from Cerealbio

    • Sold in containers of 1 liter
    • With large amount of fibers
    • Improves the digestive system
    • Eliminates fats consumed in food
    • Prevents cholesterol
    • Relieves constipation
    • Provides slow absorption carbohydrates
    • Ideal for fighting obesity

    Oatmeal is a perfect food for any diet. It supplies fibers, proteins and amino acids. It improves the digestive system, eliminates fats and helps to replenish muscle cells.

    Recommended use: it is an ideal drink for the daily diet. Store in a cool and dry place. Once open, it can be kept up to 3 days at a temperature of 4ºC.

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