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Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers - 145g

Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio contains three complementary grains: rice, buckwheat and quinoa, which are ingredients from organic farming to offer 100% natural and healthy consumption. Ideal for vegetarians, celiacs, diabetics or anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious flavor with a crunchy and gluten-free texture.

    Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio: The best substitute for low-gluten bread for healthy consumption.

    Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio is an ecological product made from the best ingredients to offer a healthy and natural consumption. It has a multicereal mixture with three complementary grains: rice, buckwheat and quinoa, which make these delicious toasts have a unique and subtle flavor. Often, eating bread is not an option, as we should know, it is high in gluten, dairy proteins or other allergens that do not provide any nutritional benefit, on the contrary, for vegetarians, diabetics, celiacs or people with allergies a slice of bread can harm their nutrition and add counterproductive effects to health.

    However, a serving of Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio, whether it's breakfast with cheese, honey, creams or accompanied with yogurt is the ideal substitute for bread as well as being light and crunchy, contain only rice flour, buckwheat, quinoa, whole-wheat sugar and a flicker of sea salt. That is, an appropriate blend from organic farming for natural consumption and much healthier. Not only is it a product composed of three grains important for nutrition, also they are added all the advantages of these, as it is the case of quinoa, a food rich in energy, proteins and fatty acids for the correct maintenance of health. In addition, it plays an important role in the metabolism, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be an excellent option to replace bread, cookies and desserts with a high percentage of gluten. Other reasons to incorporate a ration of Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio every morning or any time of day is that it has a high fiber content, it adds about 20% of the recommended daily values, which means that it is appropriate to keep appetite at bay, increase feeling of satiety, lose weight or be on diet for slimming.

    Facts of Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio

    • Excellent blend of three complementary grains: rice, buckwheat and quinoa
    • Crunchy and light texture
    • Unique flavor
    • High energy and fiber intake
    • Contains no gluten or any other allergen
    • Ideal for celiacs, vegetarians, diabetics or people allergic to wheat
    • Ingredients from organic farming

    Bread is a delicious and versatile food to prepare countless recipes, however, many people do not enjoy it, especially if they eat a vegetarian diet, suffer from celiac disease, diabetes or are simply allergic to gluten, but there are always alternatives such as Toasted Multi-cereal Crackers from Cerealbio, to take care of health and obtain a 100% natural consumption. Your body will thank you!

    Recommended use: eat 1 toast at breakfast or at any time of the day, smeared with honey, creams, cheeses or accompanied with yogurt, according to preference.

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