Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio, sold in a package of 205 grams, you get a natural product, delicious and that helps the body's general metabolism. This is because they are made from four cereals rich in fiber: oats, wheat, barley and rye.

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio, delicious ideal for improving digestion and metabolism in general.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio are sold in packs of 205 grams. They are delicious and have the advantage that they are made from four cereals: wheat, rye, barley and oats. Thanks to this conglomerate, it manages to gather a great amount of fibers that are of enormous utility to regulate the digestive system. Likewise, they are combined with chocolate chips and vanilla extract. In this way, they become a delicious snack that serves perfectly as a dessert without adding a number of calories or sugars that are at risk of becoming lipids. All this range of properties, make these cookies a perfect additive for any diet, be it for sports, weight loss or medical treatment to reduce fat or decrease the consumption of carbohydrates. Therefore, it follows that Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio are excellent for people who engage in athletic activity, those who wish to lose weight or those who have been diagnosed with insulin deficiency or diabetes.

    Oats, wheat, barley are widely known cereals. All four provide an important input of fibers that manages to speed up the digestive system so that it can eliminate those substances or particles of food that are harmful to the body. In addition, fibers have an additional value, they wrap, or trap, the fats consumed in the daily diet and do not allow them to be absorbed by the metabolism. It happens that the fibers carry with them the fat content and drag it through the large intestine. For this reason, nutritionists claim that fiber is a natural "cleanser" of the body. To the above, it is added that Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio contain small amounts of chocolate. This last ingredient provides a certain amount of calories that allow to carry out physical routines, for which it is indispensable to have enough power to mobilize the limbs and other areas of the body. Therefore, they are highly recommended and necessary for any dietary pattern intended to lead a healthy life.

    Facts of Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cerealbio

    • Sold in packs of 205 grams.
    • Each pack contains 4 sachets of four cookies.
    • Made from 4 cereals: oats, wheat, rye and barley.
    • Contains delicious chocolate chips.
    • Contains large amount of fibers.
    • Improves digestive system.
    • Helps remove fats.

    The splendid combination of oats, rye, wheat and barley makes these biscuits healthy, exquisite taste to the palate and with many benefits. When consumed, it is possible to optimize the digestive system and remove fats consumed in the diet.

    Recommended use: eat them for dessert, after main courses. In this way, the fibers contained in these cookies have their digestive effect.

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