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Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger - 200g

Cerealbio offers you a product called Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger that provides your body with 200 grams of nutrients essential for our body, made from wheats that provide a variety of benefits and properties that allows you to obtain a healthier diet.

    Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio, ideal food to prepare easily.

    Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio is a substitute for hamburger meat which is made from buckwheat and bulgur to have a healthier food, being an ideal product for people who want to have a healthier life and vegetarian people. Buckwheat in conjunction with bulgur (cereal made with spelt) that provide a series of benefits and nutritional properties.

    This food is rich in proteins and particularly high-value amino acids called lysine, uncommon in other foods. Likewise, it is low in gluten. It is important to avoid consumption of gluten as it is extremely harmful to people suffering from disorders in the intestine causing new diseases to appear in the body. On the other hand, it also contains carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed (good carbohydrates) avoiding any kind of disturbance in blood vessels or decreasing blood sugar and, in turn, obesity. Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio has fiber thanks to the wheat compound providing energy to the body. However, the vitamins, minerals and lipids that our body is not able to synthesize by itself therefore are important for maintaining well-being; Buckwheat wheat stands out as the only cereal that provides vitamin P also known as citrine in a way that protects blood circulation and stimulates cardiovascular health.

    Facts of Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio

    • Buckwheat stands out for its vitamin P contents.
    • Provides calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium, minerals vital for the development and maintenance of the organism.
    • Made from wheat, its main ingredients being buckwheat and bulgur.
    • Stimulates cardiovascular health.
    • Ideal for vegetarians and those who want to consume a rich and healthy food.
    • Rich in protein.
    • Contains essential amino acids.
    • Suitable for cholesterol, allowing the control and reduction of it in a natural way.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Low fat level.
    • Each packet contains a net weight of 200 grams.

    If you are looking to vary, take care and protect the body but with the desire to eat a hamburger that is low in fat and gluten but still gives you the proteins, minerals, vitamins and, in general, all those nutrients necessary for the well-being of health. Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio is highly recommended as a meat substitute, made from cereal ideal for you, helping you have a healthy lifestyle, with a delicious taste and also easy preparation, ideal for those moments when you are in trouble.

    Recommended Use: Buckwheat and Bulgur Vegetable Burger from Cerealbio should be cooked for about 5 minutes over low heat, without adding any oil to the pan.

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