Agave Syrup from Cerealbio is a natural sweetener extracted from the sap of this plant. This sweet sauce is ideal for replacing the common sugar of beverages, meals and desserts. Agate Syrup is low in calories and is rich in fructose so it sweetens more than sugar by normalizing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is recommended for diabetics.

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    Agave Syrup from Cerealbio: the sweet and healthy touch of your meals.

    Agave Syrup from Cerealbio is a natural sweetener created by Cerealbio as a substitute for common sugar. This syrup contains a low glycemic index because of its high fructose content. It is made of 100% agave from organic farming. The nutritious Agave Syrup from Cerealbio is free of colorings, preservatives or additives. It is perfect to sweeten all kinds of drinks, infusions and desserts.

    Agave Syrup from Cerealbio is obtained naturally from the sap of this plant. The agave or magueyes is a plant of appearance similar to the aloe vera that has sweetening qualities. The sap of this plant contains 70% fructose and 25% glucose, so it is much more sweetener than the common sugar. A small amount of the product can give a sweet touch to the food while enhancing its flavor and aroma. The consumption of agave regulates the levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, contributes to the loss of weight, increases the absorption of nutrients and favors the digestive system. Replacing the common sugar with the fructose present in the syrup of agave benefits the organism.

    Fructose is a kind of natural sugar that is present in different fruits and vegetables. It works as an excellent sweetener especially for people with diabetes or for those who are interested in taking care of their food to be healthy and keep their figure. Foods high in fructose, such as vegetables and fruits, contribute to the proper functioning and maintenance of the central nervous system and muscles. Various healthy recipes can be made using the agave syrup. This syrup dissolves easily in liquids, therefore it is ideal for sweetening smoothies, yogurts, juices, meringues and infusions. Also, it can be included in salad dressings or in the preparation of cookies, energy bars, cakes and light desserts. Each container of Agave Syrup from Cerealbio contains 350 g of ready-to-serve product. This 100% vegetable sweetener was made in a factory that uses nuts. It is important to keep it in a cool and dry place. Supplement your healthy lifestyle with a diet of pure and natural food. Include in your recipes the exquisite Agave Syrup from Cerealbio.

    Facts of Agave Syrup from Cerealbio

    • Natural sweetener.
    • 100% vegetable.
    • Contains less calories than ordinary sugar.
    • Ecologically grown ingredients.
    • Ready to serve.
    • Suitable for vegans.

    Sweeter and with fewer calories. Agate Syrup from Cerealbio is perfect for replacing sugar for your favorite beverages and foods.

    Recommended Use: Open and serve. Store in a cool place.

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