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True mass - 4,2 kg

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True Mass by BSN is the new improved formula of True Mass which provides up to 1200 calories to your daily caloric intake.

    True Mass by BSN Improves the gain of muscle mass easily.

    With 6 types of protein, and 46 gr. per serving BSN introduces the new TRUE - MASS a phenomenal winner of mass and weight formula day-night (am).

    TRUE MASS by BSN It contains an ultra powerful protein specifically designed to help you improve and enhance intake caloric so you will improve the levels of amino acids in blood and muscle mass.

    It is optimally enhance the synthesis of protein from the muscle, or anabolism (muscle again tissue building). TRUE - MASS by BSN improves rapid recovery and repair of muscle tissue damaged through intense workouts, and will bring greater glycogen from carbohydrate containing. It is rich in BCAA or branched chain amino acids and non essential amino acids, while both variants in quantities that maximize the muscle gain. As for its flavor BSN ® researchers have paid main attention resulting in advanced technology improves its flavor, making it a winner of mass of the best taste of the market.

    This protein matrix contained in brings blocks muscle (amino acids) for 7 hours builders continue... making you never stop growing!. The matrix of proteins is also high in peptide of glutamine and Alpha ketoglutarate (AKG) glutamine that enhance the preservation of muscle mass

    Directions: as a dietary supplement, take 3 tablespoons with 400 ml of cold water. Vary the amount of liquid according to the consistency desired. take 2-4 accompanied by his plan of training and diet shakes a day or according to their needs of protein or muscle mass gain requirements.

    Customer reviews: True mass - 4,2 kg

    2 Reviews
    The perfect balance between quality and price. This mass builder it has a good flavor, it\'s easy to digest and makes a perfect post work recovery shake.
    Great! I would buy it again.
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