Brutal Gainer - 1362g

Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA is a nutritional supplement that will keep you active all day, allowing you to perform to the fullest, feeling full of energy and vitality during your whole sports routine. Increase your strength with this vitamin-mineral-rich supplement in powder form.

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Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA, the ideal protein for those who want an excellent weight gainer, specially designed thinking of you.

Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA is a supplement for increasing muscle mass in a professional way. For this reason the elements of maximum quality and greater power have been used in its composition, thinking about those who want professional results and are serious about gaining weight. Biotech has performed many experiments and sacrifices to create this excellent whey protein. Brutal Gainer contains a large number of important high quality compounds that aid in training and recovery.

Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA provides us with proteins that come from the best meat hydrolyzate protein, whey concentrate and milk concentrate. It also contains a combination of complex and simple carbohydrates that allow us to obtain immediate energy, but also for a long time. This combination incorporates substances that boost the production of nitric oxide, which will increase concentration, help develop neuromuscular connections and increase our performance. It is a product that will help us incorporate calories into our diet necessary to achieve the weight gain that we are looking for and that will also potentiate our workouts so that the results are effective.

Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA is a weight trainer specially designed to boost recovery and muscle development. It also contains herbal extracts to enhance the effects. It also contains essential branched amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA is an incredible combination of ingredients that provide extra energy to our diet, with which you will gain muscle in a BRUTAL way, and help you achieve your goals in a much more effective and fast way.

Facts of Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA

  • Protein matrix composed of various proteins
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Carbohydrate Matrix
  • Excellent weight gainer
  • Helps recovery after training
  • Provides extra energy to our diet
  • Very effective and with a long lasting effect
  • Helps concentration during training
  • Selected components of high quality
  • Product 100% tested

Brutal Gainer from BiotechUSA is a product where the mass increase has taken a step towards a new dimension. Gaining mass with fast food and dreaming of getting a huge physique thanks to ice cream is history. If you want a place among the elite, you should take the increase in mass as seriously as dieting for a competition. Brutal Gainer is the first big step to becoming a giant. You will stop being a human and you will become simply a beast since you will gain mass in 6 different levels.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take two shakes daily for optimal muscle growth.

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