Isotonic Bolero with stevia is a delicious and refreshing instant drink made by Bolero, ideal for people who like to take care of their health. Being free of sugars is perfect for athletes looking for the definition, simply they want to lose weight or eat fewer calories.

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      The best drink for athletes!

      Isotonic Bolero with stevia is a tasty isotonic drink, rich in minerals and highly recommended for all kinds of athletes, allowing them to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body. Besides being refreshing, it will help avoid dehydration. The Bolero brand is recognized worldwide in nearly 50 countries, being specialized in the production of premium instant beverages. The key to getting a drink with a unique flavor, is to use carefully selected ingredients.

      Isotonic drinks, popularly known as sports drinks, help us to replace both water and minerals that we have lost through sweat, when performing any type of physical activity. If in addition we exercise when the weather is humid or hot, dehydration is greater, so these become indispensable in these circumstances. Isotonic Bolero with stevia comes in 9g individual envelopes, which facilitates dosage. An envelope is equivalent to a liter and a half of drink. Since it dissolves easily, it can also be used as a natural sweetener to flavor your favorite recipes.

      The most important is that it takes stevia as a sweetener, a natural substance that does not contain calories, which makes this drink a great addition when wanting to lose weight or keep an eye on the calories we eat in our daily diet . This is critical when routines aimed at muscle definition are performed. Stevia is definitely the best sugar substitute. This plant from South America contains an active substance which naturally stimulates pancreatic cells producing insulin, which reduces blood glucose levels which is the origin of diabetes. It is often used in patients suffering from blood hypertension and for treating people with obesity.

      Many benefits can be provided by a drink as isotonic Bolero with stevia. You will not find better if you want to take care of your diet a little, while you add a wonderful flavor to your meals, without gaining calories. Athletes also appreciate it. Whether you perform resistance exercises or any kind of intense training, will be very useful a drink like this to combat dehydration. It is also ideal for anyone seeking a balanced diet.

      One of the advantages of isotonic Bolero with stevia, is that it can be combined with numerous products that an athlete usually take such as branched chain amino acids (BCAA), whey protein, glutamine, precursors of nitric oxide or complex multivitamins.

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