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Mass Gainer - 3 kg

Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA is a fantastic formula that contributes to the gain of healthy and quality muscle mass, since it is made from a whey protein concentrate and isolate with other key ingredients that help muscle development, promoting the gaining of muscle mass and also the improvement of the recovery after strenuous exercises.

    Build more muscle mass in a guaranteed way thanks to Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA, a supplement that will also promote optimal muscle recovery after exercising.

    Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA is a great nutritional supplement that has an effective formula based on a whey protein concentrate and a whey protein isolate with hydrolyzed collagen and albumin, making it a great carbohydrate-rich protein source that leads to healthy growth of muscle mass and maximum muscle recovery after an intense training routine. Carbohydrates help in the recovery of normal muscle function after strenuous exercise, contributing to improve the physical state of the athlete. This product is rich in carbohydrates, so it provides these great benefits. It is a supplement that promotes the gaining of fat-free, strong and well-formed muscle mass, so every day with its intake you will notice progress in terms of muscle size and you will feel how your performance improves considerably.

    Essential aspects of Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA USA:

    • A product that helps gain healthy and quality muscle mass.
    • Made from whey protein of high biological value.
    • Promotes the increase of the size of fat-free muscles.
    • Contributes to optimal muscle recovery after exercising.
    • Improve physical performance.
    • Provides strong and defined muscles.
    • Comes in several delicious flavors.
    • Easy ingestion and rapid absorption.

    Ingredients and format of Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA USA:

    This great supplement comes in a powdered presentation, so it is quickly absorbed into the body, providing its benefits more effectively. It contains a whey protein concentrate, a whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed collagen, albumin, among other ingredients; all in ideal quantities which makes it safer and more reliable when consuming.

    Content per dose (approximately 160 g, vanilla flavor), these values ​​may vary according to flavor:

    • Has an energy value of 603 Kcal.
    • Has 128 g of carbohydrates.
    • Has 16 g of protein.
    • Contains 3 g of fat, of which 1 g is saturated.
    • Has 244 mg of sodium.
    • Has 262 mg of calcium.

    Benefits of Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA USA

    Its special formula based on protein and rich in carbohydrates helps to put on weight in a guaranteed and healthy way, thus contributing to the increase of quality muscle mass, so it is special for frequent use, as it will help you achieve the objectives that you have set out, but in a faster and more efficient way. It also acts on the recovery of muscles after an intense exercise routine, so it improves your physical performance when training. It is definitely a quality supplement that will contribute to obtaining more muscle mass in a completely healthy way.

    It is ideal for high-strength athletes such as weightlifters or bodybuilders, who seek to increase the size of their muscles in a healthy and natural way, so it is also a product that complements a varied and balanced diet.

    How to consume Mass Gainer from Black Skull USA?

    • Mix 16 tablespoons (approximately 160 g) in 300-400 ml of water or according to the desired consistency.
    • Take at any time, according to your needs.
    • Consume the dose daily.
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