Zinc Max from Biotech USA, in its commercial presentation of 100 tablets per container, is a supplement of the daily diet. It supplies a high amount of zinc that allows to improve many processes. Perfect for eyesight, immune system, brain and hormonal development. For the athlete, its best virtue is that it increases the synthesis of proteins.

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    What do you take it for? Antioxidant and immune system support
    How is it taken? On an empty stomach
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once a day
    Usos Antioxidants

    Zinc Max from Biotech USA, Zinc-based supplement ideal for meeting the daily requirements of this mineral.

    Zinc Max from Biotech USA is a superb nutritional supplement. Its greatest virtue is that it supplies 100 grams of zinc in each of its tablets. This is a mineral that consolidates a wide range of cellular functions. Among these, it is possible to mention the growth, general development, reproductive activities, improves digestion, cognitive activities, stabilization of the nervous system, reinforces the immunological operation and optimizes the eyesight. For this reason, it is so necessary for overall health. It is worth saying that in the daily diet can be found in meats, seeds, peanuts, seafood and others. However, it is difficult to get an abundant amount of it that allows to take to the next level all the functions of the organism described above. For this reason, food supplements have been created, such as Zinc Max from Biotech USA.

    One of the most complicated challenges in muscle growth is that the inputs obtained in food quickly convert into muscle fiber. This is achieved, in the first place, with physical exercises, lifting weights that stimulate the incorporation of new cells to the muscles. To achieve this, it is necessary for the body to have a large amount of proteins at reach, as these are the ones that can easily become fibrous tissue within the metabolic processes. These can be obtained from food, thanks to foods such as meats and other vegetables. However, for proteins to be incorporated into the tissues, catalysts are required, for example zinc. This has been designed primarily for all those who practice sports, especially if they want to improve protein synthesis with the goal of increasing muscle volume and gaining greater body strength. In that sense, it is highly recommended for those who lift weights and do dumbbell power routines. This mineral contributes to the synthesis of proteins in a remarkable way, since it helps assimilate them to the new tissues by reconfiguring them and adapting them to the organs to which they are added. In that fashion, it is an ideal nutrient for athletes and bodybuilders whose motivation is to achieve a body of great stature and musculature.

    Facts of Zinc Max from Biotech USA

    •  Sold in packets of 100 tablets

    • Provides 100 grams of zinc per tablet

    • Perfect for the immune system

    • Improves cognition and the nervous system

    • Optimizes Protein Synthesis

    • Influences positively on muscle gain

    Zinc is an essential mineral for the development of cellular tissues, especially those of a muscular nature. Its consumption is obligatory for those who aspire to make the most of the proteins obtained thanks to the daily diet.

    Recommended use: taking one tablet daily with plenty of water in the fasted state, the dose can be increased if indicated by the doctor or nutritionist.

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