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T-shirt Biotech USA

T-shirt from Biotech USA is a training shirt specially designed to practice bodybuilding and ideal for training in the gym. It is an elastic garment for bodybuilding training. This t-shirt can make you look better than ever, mark your body and bring your shoulders out.

    T-shirt Train Insane from Biotech USA has a print with an image that will surely be liked by bodybuilding amateurs. It is a perfect sports complement to perform the most intense workouts, offering amplitude and comfort of movement. The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton fabric, breathable and comfortable and has a unique design from Biotech USA. The fabric used is 100% high quality cotton and has a spectacular print "Train Insane". This sports garment is designed to perform male physical activity. It is a t-shirt designed with the quality and guarantee of the products from Biotech USA. Biotech USA has used 100% cotton fabric to make this shirt, with soft and breathable properties. It is also made of material with hypoallergenic qualities; Does not irritate sensitive skin and does not cause allergies. Nor do they produce the annoying static electricity.

    The garments in contact with the skin should be made of 100% cotton, such as t-shirts and underwear. Biotech USA uses for the manufacture of this garment raw material, totally natural without chemical content. This raw material has highly breathable qualities and improves the circulation of air between the garment and the skin, preventing the growth of fungi. Synthetic fabrics do not have such ventilation and tight clothing made from manufactured materials can stimulate the development of fungi. T-shirt Train Insane from Biotech USA is designed to absorb moisture from the body and keep it dry, improving the evaporation of perspiration in the air. Cotton also has the ability to absorb heat from the skin, keeping the body cool and comfortable on days of high temperatures.

    T-shirt Train Insane from Biotech USA is a strong garment, designed to withstand the demands of the most intense workouts. It is made of abrasion-resistant cotton from the usual daily machine washings and washes in hot water. The cotton fibers used have an improved ability to absorb the colors with which it is dyed. To avoid loss of color in washes, it is recommended to wash the garment upside down using a short wash cycle and dry in the shade outdoors. By wearing T-Shirt Train Insane from Biotech USA your movements can be more free and comfortable, do not think about the annoying garment that hinders your exercises, just concentrate on the effort and growth of your muscles, only that you will think of while wearing a T-shirt Train Insane from Biotech USA. It is a garment specially designed for the physical activity of the men with the backing of the products from Biotech USA recognized worldwide by their quality and used by sportsmen and professional athletes and amateurs.

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