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Shaker wave - 600 ml

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Shaker Wave is a sports accessory that is designed by BiotechUSA, thinking about the needs of professional sportsmen and athletes to transport ready-made shakes and energizing liquids. With Shaker Wave you can carry up to 600 ml of liquid and has a secure screw cap to prevent unexpected spills.

    Shaker Wave from BiotechUSA has been designed for athletes, sportsmen and people keen on physical activities that require restoring the energies consumed during the period of training or competition. With Shaker Wave from BiotechUSA you can now carry with you the protein shake, energy drink or the favorite dietary supplement for your daily hard workout. Shaker Wave from BiotechUSA comes in striking colors (green, cyan, magenta, black and transparent) and is made of high quality polypropylene, unbreakable, high strength and durability. In addition, it has a modern ergonomic design with capacity to transport up to 600 ml of nutritious and exquisite drink. Shaker Wave is easy to carry and takes up little space. You can carry it in your backpack or bag and use it when you need it.

    Athletes who are undergoing hard training and physical effort require to ingest dietary supplements before, during and after physical activity, that's why now, with Shaker Wave from BiotechUSA, they can consume sports supplements at the exact moment their organism need to. It is a sports accessory designed and manufactured under international quality standards and is guaranteed by BiotechUSA. Shaker Wave is a popular shaker among athletes, but is now completely redesigned to offer better service. It also has a screw cap which makes its use safe and easy, preventing unwanted leakage or spillage of drinks. Wave Shaker is perfect for all types of cocktails and has a scale in milliliters (ml) and ounces (oz). It is made of PP polypropylene of high quality, resistant to cracks. It is also suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

    BPA and DEHP, is non-toxic plastic. Biotech USA has manufactured Shaker Wave in compliance with current food legislation. It is a 100% water resistant shaker. A softer type of plastic has been used during the manufacturing process of the cap and thread, resulting in the bottle, cap and thread fitting perfectly. This innovative and modern design totally prevents liquid leaks.

    In addition, because of its conical shape, it stirs the products with the liquids more efficiently, avoiding lumps. The shape and diameter of the nozzle facilitates the consumption of fluids.

    Shaker Wave has become the most widely used sports accessory worldwide and is manufactured with the guarantee of BiotechUSA products. It has been created to meet the needs of sportsmen and professional athletes that need to carry ready-made shakes and energizing liquids. With Shaker Wave from Biotech USA, you can take with you 600 ml of a refreshing and energizing drink or a nutritious shake to feed your muscles.

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