Protein fuel from Biotech USA is a protein supplement in liquid form. The basis of its composition is whey protein, perfect to be immediately absorbed by the metabolism and taken to the muscle tissues. It contains no fat content. Ideal for those who must do a strict sports program.

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Protein fuel from Biotech USA: incredible liquid protein to improve muscle performance and recovery.

Protein fuel from Biotech USA supplies liquid protein to consume during exercise. It is composed of whey protein hydrolyzate. It is the most effective form of whey for athletes who aspire to achieve superior muscle regeneration. To this is added that its liquid format allows it to be incorporated to the body easily. In this way, it is 100% possible to release its proteins immediately when consumed, without having to worry about suffering a feeling of heaviness during training. The latter shows that this product is thought up to its last details, since it has even been taken into account that its intake does not generate discomfort to the athlete. Another of its great virtues is that it has nothing of fat content, which avoids the problem of gaining weight or generating accumulation of lipids. All these advantages make it a great not-disposable option and great for high intensity sports training.

Training programs often require constant routines that can not be stopped for long periods of time. Therefore, it has been necessary to design supplements that allow rehydration or provide nutrients and proteins without the need to stop the body activity. For these purposes the product Protein fuel from Biotech USA has been conceptualized. It provides a dose of liquid protein can be captured by the body immediately, making that the protein content is taken up rapidly to generate new muscle tissue. Also, it is easy to digest and does not generate any stomach complications during training, so it does not interrupt the program followed by the athlete. In this way, it is possible to count on a source of immediate proteins that are catalyzed in parallel to the training, without the need for the athlete to take breaks that interfere with their rhythm and affect their overall performance. There is no doubt that it is a great supplement, which manages to give the body many benefits. Finally, to emphasize that it is made to be used during the full exercise, without needing to paralyze the corporal activity.

Facts of Protein fuel from Biotech USA

  • Liquid protein for the body
  • Flavors: cherry, orange, raspberry and others
  • Whey protein
  • Zero fat content
  • Ideal for regenerating and maintaining muscles

With this product it is possible to endow the body with protein in full working day. In that way, the protein value is better utilized and the training is not interrupted.

Recommended Use: mix 50 ml of Protein Fuel in 500 ml of water to replenish the body with protein during full training.

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