Pro Low Carb Protein Bar - 60g

Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA, in its format of 60 grams, is a supplement of proteins for the organism. It helps maintain and increase muscle volume, as it provides the body with the primordial raw material to generate muscle cells and fibers. It contains very few fats and sugars.

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    Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA, excellent source of low-carbohydrate protein to build or maintain your muscle mass.

    Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA is sold in packets of 60 grams. It is an excellent appetizer designed for those who perform intense sports activities. Perfect for muscle building and weight loss diets. It is a hyperproteic nutritional supplement, since each bar has a total of 17.9 grams of protein. They are of vegetable origin, which guarantees the absence of fats. They also contain a very small amount of sugars. Thanks to this pair of features, do not carry any obesity problem. In addition, it is also recommended for diabetic patients. However, the most important thing in the world of fitness, weights and athletics in general is that its large amount of protein helps prevent muscle catabolism. In that way, not only the decrease of the musculature is avoided, but the increase of the same one is stimulated. Remember that proteins, along with amino acids, are the raw material with which the body generates cells destined for muscle tissues. For this reason, the consumption of Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA is a perfect alternative for those who are keen on training and bodybuilding.

    It has been shown that intense physical activity without the due input of proteins leads to the so-called muscle catabolism, which is a degradation of muscles, which occurs due to the wear and tear of movement and because the body performs chemical reactions aimed at obtaining energy through the degradation of cellulosic tissues. For this to happen, the body needs proteins to repair damaged tissues, which is achieved with the help of amino acids and substances such as vitamin B. For this reason, those who lift weights or do sports in general need a diet rich in protein. However, food supplements have been developed oriented to hyperproteic doses that allow an extraordinary supply to generate muscle cells and fibers. An example of this is Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA, which also has the advantage of having tiny rations of sugar and fatty contents. In this sense, it is extremely healthy and perfect for all types of people who perform intense physical activity and need to have a body prepared for a strenuous exercise program.

    Facts of Pro Low Carb Protein Bar from Biotech USA

    • In packets of 20 bars
    • Each bar contains 60 grams
    • 17.9 grams of protein in each of the bars
    • Low in calories
    • Ratio of sugars
    • Ideal for replenishing muscle tissue
    • Prevents the catabolism

    With this product muscle tissue manages to grow, which is one of the objectives of a great number of athletes. Delicious flavor and very nutritious. It can even be recommended for people with diabetes because of its low sugar content.

    Recommended use: it is best to use it at the end of each sports session, because this way the body immediately absorbs the proteins it requests.

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