Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA are classic fitness gloves of attractive design, crochet style, with velcro closure, open fingers and black, which will allow a better grip in your workouts, as well as take care of the hygiene of the hand and protect it against calluses and hardness.

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    Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA, ideal for weightlifting.

    There are some things that are necessary when going to the gym, one is a towel, the other, an isotonic drink, and a good pair of gloves, this gear is commonly called fitness gloves, or simply gym gloves. Being the main benefit of these, protect hands and improve grip, in case of weight lifting.

    Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA offer several benefits when exercising, some of them are: improving grip and avoiding hand injuries: This is because wearing gloves in training improves grip and prevents future hand injuries, since on multiple occasions, and especially if large amounts of weight are lifted, it is advisable to avoid doing this type of exercises without gloves, no matter if the grip area of ​​the machine in question is ergonomic and prepared for lifting, also prevents future injuries because it offers more stability in the area. They protect the hands from calluses and abrasions: They avoid the appearance of calluses, hardness, abrasions and wounds in the hands, the more veterans will already have suffered the results of using dumbbells and weights for long periods of time without protection. By wearing gloves all this is prevented and finally, hand hygiene is kept, some gyms recommend the use of gloves due to hygiene, this is because sweating often cause slides and fractures, in addition, through the sweat you could contract diseases that affect the skin. Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA are classic fitness gloves made of the best quality materials, in their design stand out, the style crochet, which allows the perspiration of the hand, and that leaves the fingers open, allowing a better grip, possesses a velcro closure, which will allow a better fit, and comes in an attractive black color.

    Facts of Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA

    • Made of the best quality materials.
    • Crochet style.
    • Velcro.
    • Black color.
    • Design of open fingers.
    • Great comfort.
    • Padded palm.
    • They can be washed by hand.
    • Gives great protection to the hand.
    • Attractive design.

    Phoenix Gloves from Biotech USA are ideal for those who are beginners in the gym and for those who are regulars, allowing both, enjoy better grip and a great protection against hardness and abrasions, thus avoiding corns and wounds that can lower our performance, besides taking care of our hygiene, to avoid the contact with the sweat left in the machines or in the weights.

    Recommended Use: place, adjust and use.

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