One a Day has a complete mutivitamin formula developed by BiotechUSA for the well-being of the human body. It also provides essential minerals that intervene in the most important physiological processes of the body, such as the metabolization of proteins and carbohydrates to obtain energy and to reduce fatigue.

One A Day - 100 Tablets

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One a Day is a multivitamin with essential minerals that benefit the body to improve performance in everyday activity. One a Day contains Zinc, which is a nutrient of great importance for optimal health. It is a mineral that is easily lost through perspiration when practicing sports. Zinc balances some hormones, like testosterone, which benefits the increase of muscle mass.

One a Day also has Chromium, an element that regulates hypertension, blood sugar and prevents heart disease, cholesterol in the blood and feeling hungry. It also maintains metabolism and modulates blood sugar levels. It metabolizes carbohydrates, and regulates high insulin levels when carbohydrates are ingested. It predisposes to good cardiac health and prevents heart disease. It also prevents degenerative diseases and improves memory. Within the vitamin complex incorporated by BiotechUSA is vitamin A, which is also known as retinol. It is soluble in fat and carotenoids provide gamma-carotene that the body transforms into vitamin A. Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining good health.

Vitamin C has the ability to reduce cold symptoms because it has a natural antihistamine function. It also controls allergies. It intervenes in the generation of collagen, so it optimizes the process of wound healing, cuts and broken bones. It also favors the generation of new epithelial tissue in burns. It is scientifically proven that the intake of vitamin C speeds the healing process of wounds, and also protects the skin from damage to exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also fulfills an antioxidant function.

Vitamin D, also known as calciferol, has good properties for the treatment of rickets. The process of vitamin D synthesis is performed in the body also by ultraviolet rays from the sun. This vitamin improves the development of the bone system and maintains optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the human body. It intervenes in the process of calcification of bones and development of the teeth preventing the appearance of caries. Vitamin E plays a key role in good skin health. It has an antioxidant activity, which is important to protect skin cells from ultraviolet rays, pollution, drugs, and harmful elements. This vitamin also regulates vitamin A. It minimizes the symptoms of aging on the skin. It also intervenes in the treatment of various skin conditions and softens the scars.

Vitamin E is also useful for reducing menstrual pain, inflammation of eye tissues, cataracts and provides relief from muscle cramps.

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