The bars of Oat & fruits from Biotechusa are sold in packets of 20 units, each weighing 70 grams. They contain oatmeal and lyophilized pieces of cranberries as the basic ingredients. They give the body a lot of fibers that help to improve the digestive system. Also, it collaborates in the natural elimination of the fats that are consumed.

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Oat & fruits from Biotechusa, nutritious bars ideal for losing weight and maintaining good nutrition in the body.

Oat & fruits from Biotechusa is offered to buyers in a 70-gram format. It is a food bar with a high content of dietary fiber and small pieces of fruit to give it a pleasant taste. It is a combination of an oat base with lyophilized cranberries. There are many advantages of its consumption, especially in regard to the intestinal system. Its high fibrous content makes food circulate more easily through the body. In addition, it is known that fiber traps fats and prevents them from being synthesized by the body, as they drag and eliminate them through the large intestine. On the other hand, they have a small presentation, which makes this product easily transportable by those who do sports and want to try a snack after a pause when jogging, lifting weights, running or other workout. In this way, Oat & fruits from BiotechUSA is shown as an ideal supplement for the diet of everyone interested in a healthy life thanks to their daily diet.

Fibers are a catalyst in the digestive system. Thanks to them, the body can process food faster, helping to eliminate those unhealthy substances more quickly. On the other hand, the fibers have the ability to wrap the fats we eat, as they adhere to the fibrous texture. In this way, any excessively fatty content is easily eliminated by the intestinal tract, thus preventing the body from accumulating harmful amounts of lipids that lead to both obesity and cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, the amount of chopped fruits contained in these food bars provide the body with energy needed to cope with a pattern of high-intensity activities. All these benefits are obtained with the simple fact of eating this product. It is a food in a comfortable format, easy to carry with you and a great snack in the diet of people dedicated to sports.

Facts of Oat & Fruits from BiotechUSA

  • Sold in packet of 20 bars
  • Bars are made with oats
  • Include small chunks of lyophilized cranberries
  • Excellent taste and texture
  • Contain lots of fiber
  • Improves digestive system and eliminates fats

Oatmeal is a food highly recommended in any diet. Thanks to this product, it can be consumed simply and with great comfort. Perfect for athletes!

Recommended Use: eat after meals and after workouts. Use as a dessert, so that its fibers help improve digestion.

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