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Menphis gloves from Biotech USA are sports gloves specially designed to facilitate weight lifting, as they feature an elastic palm with reinforced grip and rubber wristband with velcro straps to provide better grip and hold. For greater comfort, they absorb the sweat and avoid the appearance of hard skin on the hands.

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Menphis gloves from Biotech USA offers complete protection to improve grip during weightlifting.

Menphis gloves from Biotech USA are sports gloves that offer complete protection during training as they are made of an elastic band with reinforced grip and rubber wristband with straps to provide better grip and hold. In addition, they absorb sweat to prevent dumbbells or bars from slipping easily from your hands. It is normal to find the best equipment to train because having supplements that help facilitate the exercises is a good point to achieve good results in a short time. However, Menphis gloves from Biotech USA, more than any other accessory for the gym, must be in the gym bag of any sportsman or person keen on fitness during training. One of the main reasons is that they provide comfort, flexibility and grip when lifting heavy weights. Even allowing you to make safe movements which help you lift heavier weights and achieve your goals.

Best of all, Menphis gloves from Biotech USA has an advanced sweat absorbing technology, so they become the perfect complement to avoid bad odors, drops during practice and possible joint injuries. They are so comforting that they will help you to experience a unique sensation without feeling discomfort. Other reasons that make Menphis gloves from Biotech USA a basic accessory is that in addition to providing a comfortable grip, they also prevent the appearance of hard skin or pain in the palms thanks to the highly strength materials used to its manufactured, such as leather and cotton. On the other hand, they have an elastic band to protect the wrist, so they also offer protection to the ligaments of this area of ​​the body. Menphis gloves from Biotech USA is highly recommended for professional athletes or beginners who are just starting to lead a healthy lifestyle. For added comfort, they feature an adjustable velcro strap for easy removal.

Facts of Menphis gloves from Biotech USA

  • Provides complete protection to the hands and wrists during weightlifting
  • Absorbs perspiration and prevent slipping or discomfort
  • With reinforced grip and rubber wristband
  • With velcro strap take it off easily
  • Improves grip and hold
  • Allows to lift heavier weights
  • Comfortable
  • Prevent the appearance of hard skin on the palms

Biotech USA cares about providing products to help athletes in the world to improve performance, build muscle mass and lead a healthier life. On this occasion, we have the best gloves, which offer excellent protection to reach any goal in the gym.

Recommended Use: use during sports to lift heavy weights. Ideal for holding dumbbells, bars, weights on machines or elastic cords.

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