Black Lifting Belt - Biotech USA

Black Lifting Belt from Biotech USA is a belt made with the best materials, guaranteeing its resistance and durability, comes with a buckle as a closing mechanism and is designed specifically for athletes who practice powerlifting, being your best ally in the most intense workouts.

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Black Lifting Belt from Biotech USA, ideal for providing firmness and protection to the back.

Black Lifting Belt is commonly used to reduce stress in the lower back, known as lumbar area, by lifting weight upright and help prevent back hyperextension when performing weightlifting, the main function of this type of belts is to reduce tension in the lower back by compressing the abdominal cavity, offering more support in the lower back, in addition, this type of belt will help you maintain the alignment of the back, which can be beneficial if you have suffered from a recent injury and help prevent future injuries, giving you more confidence to lift more weight, can even give you more confidence to train harder for longer.

This type of belt in particular is specifically designed for power lifting, power weights, or simply powerlifting, in which you train by gradually increasing the weight and decreasing the repetitions over time, although today there is greater emphasis on the explosive power and speed, in specific they are trained for 3 events in which this sport consists the squat, the bench press and the dead weight, for this reason, has been createdBlack Lifting Belt from Biotech USA, which is made with materials of high quality, resistance and durability, providing more firmness and protection to the back, also, has a comfort pad, has a buckle as a closing mechanism, so you can adjust it as you want, and secure the belt at all times and comes in 5 sizes to choose the one that best fits your body: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Facts of Black Lifting Belt from Biotech USA

  • Provides firmness and protection to the back.
  • Uses a buckle as a locking mechanism.
  • Optimizes intense workouts related to powerlifting.
  • Ideal for weight training and weight lifting exercises.
  • Prevents injuries and hernias in the lumbar area.
  • Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
  • For men and women.
  • Black color.
  • Materials of the best quality.
  • Attractive design.

Black Lifting Belt from Biotech USA is made with high quality and durability materials, has a comfortable padding, has a buckle as a locking mechanism, you can adjust it as you want, in addition to securing the belt at all times and comes in 5 sizes in black to choose the one that better fits you body, which are: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, designed to perform the so-called power lifts, power weights, or simply powerlifting.

Recommended Use: place on the lower back and adjust until you feel comfortable.

Reviews Black Lifting Belt - Biotech USA

  • 07/05/2017

Serviço excelente! A entrega foi rápida e o produto está em excelentes condições! Fiquei satisfeito. Aconselho o serviço e o produto.

    2018-01-01 20:04:30
    Deseo saber equivalencias en centimetros de las tallas del cinturon de levantamiento
    2018-01-02 09:37:39
    Buenos dias , mandanos un correo a y mis compañeros le daran las medidas. un saludo
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