Lecithin from BiotechUSA, in its format of 55 capsules, is perfect for those who do sports. With its consumption will improve the metabolism of lipids, it prevents the increase of bad cholesterol, maintains the liver healthy and helps the circulation and consequent transport of oxygen to muscles, increasing physical capacity and overall performance.

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Lecithin from BiotechUSA. Even your cholesterol levels and improve the metabolism of nutrients naturally.

Lecithin from BiotechUSA is sold in a container of 55 capsules. It has the great advantage of supplying the body with a high dose of soy lecithin, which is a substance highly recommended for people who carry out physical activities periodically. Lecithin is a substance that significantly adds momentum to the metabolism of fats and homocysteine. Also, it is instrumental in a remarkable way in the protection of the liver since it collaborates to minimize its work helping to break down substances that could damage it. However, one of the major advantages of lecithin is that it significantly minimizes the presence of cholesterol in the blood, making it ideal for keeping the risk of cardiovascular diseases at bay, especially the dreaded atherosclerosis. It eliminates the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness. It helps you lose weight. It improves blood circulation and therefore helps transport hemoglobin and oxygen. All these advantages make Lecithin from BiotechUSA ideal for athletes who need to have a cast-iron constitution and optimal performance.

Soy lecithin is a natural ingredient that is extracted from soybeans and provides many vitamins and nutrients. It is usually consumed in various formats: granules, capsules or tablets. Of great popularity, its presence has become very strong in the world of sports supplements. This is due to the way in which it helps to disintegrate the fats to obtain energy from them, since that way you get a double benefit: you gain more energy for the activity of high body performance, and at the same time, the excess of lipids is eliminated. In this way, athletes have more power and at the same time fight overweight. To this is added, this substance takes care of the liver, avoiding the appearance of a film of fat on its outer surface. It also makes the blood circulation much better, causing oxygen to reach muscles and keeping hemoglobin standards high. Just consume in a recurring way the product Lecithin from BiotechUSA to have at hand all the benefits mentioned above.

Facts of Lecithin from BiotechUSA

  • Container of 55 capsules
  • Contains soy lecithin
  • Improves body endurance
  • Controls overweight and cholesterol
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents a fatty liver

Lecithin is a natural product, widely accepted in the international medical community, people prefer it for its many properties and range of advantages.

Recommended Use: take 1 capsule daily with an adequate amount of water. It is recommended to use for 3 consecutive months to obtain results.

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