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Lady's Gloves - Biotech USA

Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA are the perfect complement for all those women who like to go to the gym regularly. In this way, they can confidently grab all sports equipment, without the risk of creating injuries in that part of the female body as important as the hands. In addition, they are made in pink and other colors that combine with feminine taste.

    Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA: resistant, durable and comfortable.

    Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA are a great product for all women who, in addition to engaging in sports, want to continue looking flirty and in all the splendor of their femininity. There is a variety of techniques for each type of training: with finger cover, with these exposed, etc. The idea is to protect these limbs that women so much care to look a lot more presentable. In our specific case, we have them in pink to match the rest of their clothing. Likewise, with other trendy colors and very trendy tones, they have an adjustable velcro strap and a few strips of help to remove them in a more comfortable and simple. In this way, Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA are not limited to the mere function for which they have been designed. They go much further. They are authentic garments that raise the level of glamor and at the same time motivate female representatives to maintain an excellent physical condition and a totally unbeatable physical condition.

    Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA come in sizes S, M and L. They are perfect for maintaining the grip and at the same time care for the skin of the hands. Thanks to this type of implements, females can grab sporting implements such as bars, eyebolts or dumbbells without the risk of friction damaging or generating calluses in these limbs that are so important for the female look in general. Also, they protect to the maximum when making supports with the hands or in equipment of gymnastics. Undoubtedly, it is a 100% necessary tool for the protection of the skin in the hands and that is why they are so requested by people who perform physical activity with wide regularity. All this is combined with a unique addition in the case of Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA, since these have an eminently feminine design in colors and lines. In that way, female athletes can continue to immerse themselves in coquetry while they spend their training hours in the gym.

    Facts of Lady's Gloves from BiotechUSA

    • Made of leather and other very soft materials
    • In pink or other that fit the feminine taste
    • Very feminine
    • With striking lines and designs
    • With help strips to gently remove them
    • Very comfortable
    • Protect the skin of the hands

    The female audience always wants to look good at all times and these gloves allow ladies even in the gym to show off all their splendor.

    Recommended use: they can be used with total confidence, since they do not hurt and their permanent contact with the skin does not generate any type of allergy.

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