Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA are gloves specially designed for the female audience, who wish to do exercises such as lifting weights or bodybuilding without sacrificing the aesthetics of their hands, all this is possible with these gloves thanks to its high quality materials and attractive design that will not go unnoticed when you train.

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Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA, ideal for a more comfortable and firm grip on bodybuilding and weightlifting exercises.

Gloves are an indispensable accessory for physical activity and in a gym, because they allow a more comfortable and firm grip, protect the hand from harshness and blisters that may affect our performance later on, in addition to taking care of our aesthetics. The gloves are perfect if you want to increase the performance and do more intense exercises because the increase of weights creates a greater friction, protecting you from injuries on the skin.

One of the functions of gloves besides the protection of the palm of the hand (avoiding blisters and other injuries), is to prevent the sweat from hindering the correct grip of dumbbells or bars, being practical, and especially hygienic, as you will not leave your sweat to the next person using the dumbbell or touch other people's. Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA are made with the highest quality materials, making them resistant and durable, all that gloves need, being oriented to a female audience, ideal for women who want to protect the hygiene and health of their hands from hardness and injuries while continuing to perform weight training or weight lifting exercises. They come in 2 attractive colors (Gray-Pink and White-Pink) and in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) to fit all women, besides being easy to wash.

Facts of Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA

  • Made of the highest quality fibers.
  • Protects hands from harshness.
  • Offers a more comfortable and firm grip.
  • Increases the safety of the grip.
  • Protects the wrist during physical activity.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Can be washed by hand.
  • Ideal for weight training or weight lifting.
  • 2 attractive models: White-Pink and Gray-Pink.
  • 4 sizes; S, M, L, XL.

Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA are ideal for women who want to perform exercises, intense or not, and want to protect their hands and their aesthetics in general, thanks to its highly resistant material, it allows any type of exercise without any such unsightly and annoying calluses and other discomfort in the palm of the hand, as well as offering a firmer and safer grip, preventing the dumbbells from slipping because of sweat. Gloves Lady 2 from Biotech USA come in 2 attractive White-Pink and Gray-Pink colors you will have to choose from, and 4 sizes available.

Recommended Use: ready to use. Adjust as comfortable as you can.

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