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Houston Gloves - Biotech USA

Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA are the best sports accessory an athlete could have ever wanted since it provides protection in the hands during weightlifting and facilitates an optimal hold on the wrists. To make matters worse, they have an excellent perspiration system, so sweat and discomfort will not be an impediment to achieve a good performance.

    Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA, highly resistant to protect hands during intense physical activity.

    Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA is a sports accessory that can not be missed during sports practice as it protects the hands from daily friction when lifting weights and also has a highly resistant closure to provide better attachment to the wrists and prevent them from being injured during a highly intense activity. To build muscle it is necessary to lift heavy weights, however, the fingers and wrists are physiologically not designed to withstand wear, even so, there are always alternatives to achieve goals in the gym and one of them is the use of Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA, which are fully fit for athletes who have a strength-based training plan, fitness users or anyone in general starting an active lifestyle.

    Unlike other accessories, Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA are made of durable materials such as leather to reduce material wear while lifting weights, and thanks to its high resistance and flexibility, provides better attachment during the exercise. In addition, it also has breathable ducts to prevent sweat from causing any discomfort, and therefore, impairs sports performance. Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA come with adjustable Velcro closure and help strips to remove them more quickly and easily during or after exercise. It is not necessary to grab the weights directly with the hands, on the contrary, these excellent accessories are the best ally to protect the fingers or the wrists and, in case of little, it even prevents the formation of hard skin. When support and grip accessories are not included, it is possible that the training improves its quality, since it is not the same to have objects designed to facilitate the movements that to perform them directly with the body. However, this time, BiotechUSA offers these excellent black Houston Gloves to provide comfort and safety in sports.

    Facts of Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA

    • Made from highly resistant materials
    • Protects hands from the daily rubbing of weights
    • Provides greater attachment to the wrists and prevents injuries
    • Excellent perspiration system
    • Velcro closure for quick and easy removal
    • Available in black and sizes S, M, L and XL

    BiotechUSA is a line of sports products that helps athletes around the world achieve better performance, develop more muscle mass and provide a healthier lifestyle. This time, bring us the best Houston Gloves to reach any goal in the gym and prevent injuries.

    Recommended Use: anyone who practices sports, wear Houston Gloves from BiotechUSA during weight training. Hand wash and dry in the shade.

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