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Grippad - Biotech USA

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Grippad from Biotech USA is a product of the highest quality and resistance to provide in each workout comfort, protection and better support when lifting weights, bars or dumbbells. It provides a unique experience to forget sweat, odors, hard skin and injuries. Everything an athlete needs to achieve the goals!

    Grippad from Biotech USA, a quality sports supplement to protect your hands from sweat, calluses and possible injuries.

    Grippad from Biotech USA are made of neoprene to facilitate a better grip during weightlifting or when using exercise machines in the gym. Thanks to its advanced technology, it is a completely breathable sports accessory to prevent sweat from hindering the performance, so it must undoubtedly be part of the outfit of any athlete who wants to achieve success and obtain good results. It is normal that when exercising, the body secretes sweat, as it is a sign that it is looking for thermoregulation due to the increased heat given to physical activity, however, we can not deny that it is annoying since the weights or bars usually slip easily. The good news is that by using Grippad from Biotech USA, sweat will not be an impediment. On the contrary, these innovative gloves offer comfort, grip and comfort to continue training without any inconveniences.

    In addition, its benefits are not only limited to absorb moisture, but also these gloves are made with highly resistant materials such as neoprene to prevent hardness or possible injury to the hands. Remember that excessive strength or poor grip can cause serious consequences in the ligaments. Grippad from Biotech USA is the complement that every athlete needs because it will allow to perform the exercises correctly, with greater flexibility, precision, grip and without any other factor causing the dumbells to escape from the hands. To top it off, they are very easy to remove and put on, ideal to take to training and enjoy a unique experience. We can not deny that Grippad from Biotech USA has an original design that fits all type of preferences or needs. They combine perfectly with any other sports garments and radiate a positive image of a person concerned about leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Facts of Grippad from Biotech USA

    • Made of the highest quality neoprene
    • Comfortable and resistant
    • Made with breathable technology
    • Prevents sweat from damaging training
    • Prevents hard skin and injuries to the hands
    • Improves grip
    • Easy to put it on and take it off
    • Attractive design to combine with other garments

    With Grippad from Biotech USA is easy to forget about the hard skin, humidity, bad odors and annoyances caused by the excess of strength. They are so comfortable and sturdy that most workouts will never be affected, on the contrary, this product will provide a matchless experience.

    Recommended Use: use during weightlifting, dumbbell or barbell-based training. It is also suitable for machine exercises. Hand wash and let dry in the shade.

    Customer reviews: Grippad - Biotech USA

    1 Reviews

    Best ever grip. It is just too thick for my little hands. My husband uses it. This is the second pair we bought. He used the first one for more than 2 years and he uses dumbbells of 44kg each hand so it is a great durable product. I can only recommend it :)

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