Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is the alternative that every athlete was expecting as it contains high protein content and is enriched with BCAAs, L-glutamine and vitamins to provide an adequate maintenance of muscles. Eating before or after training is ideal to avoid catabolism and enhance the recovery process.

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    Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA, Pocket protein enriched with BCAAs + L-Glutamine.

    Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is a delicious protein snack that provides 10 grams of whey protein of the highest quality, ideal for proper maintenance and development of muscles before or after training, and contains all the advantages of BCAAs, L -glutamine and vitamins.

    Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is the preferred choice of all those who love to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, because thanks to its excellent formula and flavor meets the daily requirements of protein from anywhere and anytime. It also offers comfort and availability at the time of transport, that is, pocket protein to eat at intervals of time, between meals or before performing physical activities.

    Branched chain amino acids are usually recommended to facilitate protein synthesis and potentiate recovery, and most often the consumption is done through home-made shakes, however, Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is an excellent option to ingest about 1.5 g of BCAAs when needed and without having to resort to the preparation of this nutrient. In addition, this tasty appetizer contains vitamins that improve the absorption of nutrients and favor the antioxidant processes to avoid the production of free radicals, so that it can combat tiredness or muscle fatigue. We can not forget the advantages of L-Glutamine incorporated in Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA as it is one of the basic ingredients in sports supplementation to boost recovery, maintain muscle and prevent catabolism. On the other hand, Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is also suitable for people who have a strict diet plan to lose weight or define muscles since it helps control the anxiety and the urge to eat out of time.

    Facts of Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA

    • Provides 10 g of protein per bar
    • Enriched with BCAAs, L-Glutamine and Vitamins
    • Strength muscle recovery
    • Avoids catabolism
    • Combats fatigue or tiredness
    • Helps the proper maintenance of the musculature
    • Suitable for athletes or amateurs who want to improve their fitness
    • Helps improve sports performance
    • Controls eating anxiety and increases satiety
    • Easy transportation and availability

    Most sports snacks are made from high contents of fats, carbohydrates and sugars, which are ingredients that impair the work done in the gym for building the musculature. However, Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA is the exception: it provides more protein and is strengthened with BCAAs, L-Glutamine and vitamins to provide a nutritious and effective food in sports.

    Recommended Use: eat 1 serving (40 g) of Go Protein Bar from Biotech USA before or after training.

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