Go Energy Stick - 40g

Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA, in its 40-gram format, is perfect as an aperitif at the end of each exercise routine.

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    Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA, excellent source of energy and protein for high intensity workouts.

    Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA is offered in a pack of 40 grams. This is an excellent appetizer for after an intense exercise routine.

    One of the major problems of eating patterns for athletes is that they are very strict. It is an exquisite food that it is a small prize after a demanding exercise routine. In addition, the consumption of sugars is avoided to prevent lipids and possible obesity. However, there are products like Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA that relieve effort and serve as a reward on the palate. Its flavor is pleasant and also has the advantage that it provides proteins that helps to recover the wear produced in muscles. Remember that if people perform a strenuous physical work without replenishing proteins, then they get exposed to muscle catabolism and their volume diminished. This is only avoided by giving the body the raw material so that it replenishes the cellular tissue worn during exercise routines. Likewise, the consumption of Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA has the advantage that it provides non-sugary proteins, which means that lipids are not generated and that the ingested calories are maintained as a useful energy source for the carrying out of high effort physical activities.

    With Go Energy Stick from Biotech USA, the body is prevented from losing muscle mass because it gives the body essential proteins to replace the cells affected by exercise as well as a significant amount of energy to correctly perform any training routine.

    Recommended Use: consume at the end of each training session or after an extended period of intense physical activity.

    Reviews Go Energy Stick - 40g

    • 07/26/2017

    genial el sabor, igual algo alta de azucares o grasas, pero te da ese extra de energía en momentos necesarios. sabor chocolate con naranja espectacular

      • 02/23/2018


        • 10/03/2017

        Excelente relação nutricional. Boa realção Protein vs carbs vs % fat.

          • 09/28/2017

          No las he probado aún pero tienen buena pinta para comer entre horas!

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