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Glutamine Zero - 300g

It is a powdered product that provides an amount of 11 grams of top-quality L-glutamine with a great and delicious flavor. In addition, it is free of sugars and sweetened only with stevia. It brings all the benefits of L-glutamine without giving up the diet because of harmful sugars, specially that of those who take care of their health.

    Glutamine Zero from BioTech USA: 100% pure amino acid.

    Glutamine Zero from BioTech USA is a powdered product that contains L-glutamine of 100% pharmacist grade purity. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and therefore it is very important to promote good performance of the immune system, and also to promote the development of the muscle mass as well as its protection.

    It began to be used as a supplement by athletes because the stress or very demanding physical activity requires larger amounts of Glutamine from the body than it can produce on its own. That why it has become so important to high performance athletes and fitness lovers, who are dedicated to the practice routines of great physical effort which cause high levels of muscular stress that derive in fatigue and makes the organism to lose a lot of glutamine during training, which puts muscles at risk and thus making the muscle tissue prone to tear. Glutamine Zero from BioTech USA was designed to prevent this kind of injuries from happening, its intake after training promotes faster and more effective the muscle recovery, and combats fatigue and consequences derived from it, such as intense muscle pain and spasms.

    Its taste is very delicious even though it does not contain sugars added, so you can add it to your food without fear of giving up your diet, thus making it much easier to adopt in your day to day, without aspartame or preservatives, bringing only the best of this important amino acid to your body.

    One of its functions is to keep the nitrogen balance in the body, and prevent the muscle catabolism. It protects the muscles and tissues of bodybuilders who constantly put their muscles under highly intense training sessions that require them to be stronger each passing day in order to achieve success.

    Biotech USA is a brand well known internationally focused to contribute with the performance of athletes and fitness lovers that train to take care of their health. It is known that a good diet is the basis for a great performance, and accompanied by proper supplementation makes much easier to achieve the goal one has ever wanted.

    Facts of Glutamine Zero from BioTech USA

    • It contains L-glutamine of 100% pharmacist grade purity.
    • It promotes muscle recovery.
    • It prevents muscle degradation.
    • It contributes to the replenishment of the muscle glycogen stores.
    • It strengthens the immune system.
    • Its provides 11 grams of L-glutamine per serving.
    • It is sweetened with natural stevia.
    • Its formula is completely free of sugars, aspartame and preservatives.

    It is a fact that Biotech USA holds certificates of quality and efficiency, which guarantee that the safety of anyone who choose Glutamine Zero from Biotech USA to use it in their training routines and look after their health, while they work hard to build the body they have ever wanted.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement for healthy adults, mix 12 grams with 150 ml of water and drink directly after training. On rest days, take a serving in the mid-afternoon or before you go to sleep at night.

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