By taking GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA you can increase muscle fibers, improve physical recovery after intense activity, regulate the internal activity of the body in terms of functions of internal organs is concerned and consume the fat accumulated in the body, allowing healthy weight loss.

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    What do you take it for? Recovery, growth and prolonged effect
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose Four capsules
    How many times? Once a day
    When should it be taken? Before going to bed
    Usos Evitar Catabolismo

    GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA. Boost your muscle growth and recovery with this incredible supplement.

    GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA is offered to the public in the form of 120 capsules. Thanks to its intake, the body is given a dose of synergistic arginine, lysine and ornithine. It also gives the body an amount of vitamin B6. This combination of substances generates a combination of metabolic effects related to the natural growth of muscles, bones as well as an increase in athletic power.

    It will also help increase nitrogen retention, optimize protein synthesis and prevent protein damage. In this way, body power is enhanced and muscle recovery is guaranteed after training days. On the other hand, hormonal secretion flourishes during nighttime sleep. In addition to the properties already mentioned, GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA has the advantage of catalyzing the decomposition of fat deposits, so it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and maintain body weight in an adequate way.

    The combination of the amino acids arginine, lysine and ornithine is the ideal way to stimulate in the body the effects related to muscle growth and improved physical performance. Thus, the strategy proposed when consuming the capsules of GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA is to give the body the raw material so that it can autonomously improve its constitution. On the other hand, this trio of amino acids are activated in a synchronized way, catalyzing the conformation of muscle tissue and the vitality of those who perform sports activities. They also increase strength and endurance. Also, the recovery of the muscles is improved after intense training days. Another interesting aspect is that once the growth hormones are created, they minimize the use of glucose and favor the use of lipids as an energy source, helping to consume them and thus eliminate cholesterol factors such as being overweight.

    Facts of GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA

    • In presentation of 120 capsules.
    • Includes arginine, lysine and ornithine
    • Balanced with vitamin B6
    • Hormone free
    • Increases muscle tissue with the help of exercise
    • Gives vitality
    • Minimizes glucose and stimulates fat removal
    • Helps prevent overweight
    • Prevents atherosclerosis and cardiovascular damage

    There are numerous advantages of the GH Hormone Regulator from BiotechUSA. Therefore, athletes should consider it as a nutritional supplement, as it helps them to maintain a strenuous physical activity rate and at the same time increase both their strength and muscle volume, as well as the energy needed to avoid signs of early fatigue.

    Recommended Use: the dose for healthy adults is 4 capsules a day before bedtime. This amount should not be exceeded, as it may be harmful to the digestive system.

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