Thanks to Destress from Biotech USA, in its presentation of 30 capsules, you have an excellent product to minimize the after-effects of stress. Its combination of valerian, lupus and melissa; Along with the action of magnesium and vitamin B6 make it a great relaxing product.

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Destress from Biotech USA, effective relaxing effect to leave behind the daily stress.

Destress from Biotech USA comes in the form of 30 capsules and is an excellent product to relieve symptoms triggered by stress. Through its combination of three herbal extracts: valerian + hops + melissa, together with vitamin B6 and magnesium, it improves the relaxation processes needed to control the aftereffects of stress.

It is also very effective for improving cognitive functions and for relaxing muscles after a strenuous sports routine. The three plants that fuse in these capsules are recognized as calming, both in infusions and in other preparations. For its part, both magnesium and vitamin B6 are used as drugs to control the nervous system and hormone decompensation. In this way, Destress from Biotech USA combines the natural treatments against the stress with conventional medical ingredients, being for that reason 100% effective and recommended.

Valerian has a tonic effect on the nerves, even functioning as an antispasmodic and being prescribed to treat both cramps and ailments caused by extreme body demands. As for hops, we must remember that it is one of the most popular ingredients of beer and it houses substances that distend the body and mind, maintaining a more relaxed and much more optimistic attitude in adverse situations. Finally, melissa is a vegetable species whose juice has great power to lower the rate of heart palpitations, as well as to counteract the effects of tachycardia. Together with this trio of plant virtues, the Destress from Biotech USA incorporates magnesium, which is known to aid in metabolic processes and is one of the substances that helps to improve the flow of communication within the nervous system. Finally, vitamin B6 makes up a good part of the nerve cells, helping them to be stronger and more resistant in times of anxiety.

Facts of Destress from Biotech USA

  • In a container of 30 capsules.
  • Relieves stress symptoms
  • Contains valerian, hops and melissa, three natural calming agents
  • Improves the nervous system with magnesium
  • Gives strength to the cells of the nervous system thanks to vitamin B6
  • Ideal for improving cognitive functions
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Mutes symptoms of cramping and general fatigue

Consuming Destress from BiotechUSA helps you cope with stressful situations as well as better sleep and maintain a more relaxed attitude before everyday actions. It also helps athletes to rest their muscles and cope with cramps or spasms in the extremities, back or neck.

Recommended Use: consume 1 capsule daily, half an hour before each meal. Ideal for those who suffer from insomnia, worries or strenuous physical exercises that generate tremor in the extremities. Also, in case of recurrent cramps.

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