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Daily Pack de BioTech USA is a supplement for athletes that improves health and sports performance by modeling the body and developing muscle, as it contains 7 individual formulations of high doses combined into a single product. It prevents injuries, favors post-workout recovery and helps shape the body with fat burning.


    More Muscle and Energy with Health

    Daily Pack from BioTech USA is a supplement for demanding athletes with their training, that takes care of the health in general, it is antioxidant, it maximizes the performance and it develops the musculature. This unique formula contains 7 individual high dose formulas in a single product. The supplement is a compound that meets the daily needs of vitamins and minerals with a perfect balance of micronutrients and other essentials vital for people who train intensely and want to get maximum performance in the sports they practice.

    Daily Pack contains the most important vitamins of the group and provides a single daily dose a significant muscle increase and extra energy to raise the level of physical and training. These vitamins further contribute to maintaining the health of the skin and hair as well as the eyes, mouth, nails, hemoglobin production, liver and brain status as well as all activities of the nervous system. Calcium in the formula promotes healthy and strong bones and regulates blood pressure while the zinc element fortifies the immune system, regulates the production of testosterone and promotes thyroid health. It contains Omega 3, which has many health benefits, especially athletes, whose bodies require extra help to protect themselves against the oxidative and inflammatory processes of demanding physical activity. This formula ingredient strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular health and prevents injuries, as it improves blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory action, which minimizes risk, favors post-workout recovery and oxygenation of muscles.

    Daily Pack from BioTech USA brings to the diet other ingredients that increase athletic performance and athletic status, such as coenzyme Q-10, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that increases fat metabolism, provides more energy and helps to lose weight. Other organic acids and total phenolic compounds reinforce its antioxidant action, such as lecithin, which protects the organs and arteries from accumulation of fat, improves absorption of vitamin B, brain functions and regulates cholesterol. Lecithin is recommended in diets to lose weight as it helps to mobilize fat deposits in the body and improves intestinal absorption. It contains a large dose of pure vitamin C which optimizes the immune system and is especially beneficial for athletes who practice intense activities and want a superior performance of their strength and power.

    Daily Pack is a formula of BioTech USA and has the quality guaranteed of a company dedicated to the innovation in products for sportsmen around the world, thanks to its long history in research and development of high quality sports supplements.

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