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Now with this product your body can receive the necessary levels of protein, without depending on meat or any animal derivative, thanks to its production it can be consumed by those who suffer from some kind of intolerance to lactose or gluten, and it is also perfect for vegans.

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    Casein Zero from Biotech USA: optimum nutrition without gluten or lactose.

    Humans as other beings need to ingest proteins daily, improving the quality of life, endurance and well-being in general. Thus Casein Zero made from the caseinate extracted from milk gives the necessary amounts of protein for your body to work properly, whether a daily routine full of responsibilities or when you train to improve the state of your body.

    Casein Zero from Biotech USA is a supplement ideal for your daily routine as it is free gluten and lactose. It is also an fantastic option for anybody who needs a supplement free of those components. It was designed as a slowly absorption product that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of protein during a greater amount of time in your system, making its consumption more beneficial, especially, its benefits for the muscles and bones.

    By consuming this product, you will see how big your muscles get, and your training will yield the results you have been dreaming of, your bones will become more resistant, which in the long run will benefit your body. Dare to improve your health, get excited about improving the results of your training daily, using a product that in addition to provide the benefits of proteins also brings nutrients, such as vitamins essential for the correct operation of the body, minimum quantities of sugar and few calories.

    Do not let the intolerance to certain food or ingredients such as lactose or gluten to prevent you from being a healthy diet that will not only be beneficial for your daily routine, but also in your hard trainings. Casein Zero from Biotech USA offers the opportunity to ingest the protein they require daily to be highly performant during training to people intolerant to gluten or lactose, however, whether for daily activities, responsibilities or even age, we usually do not receive the optimum amount of that nutrient, which makes the body develop problems derived from the lack of it. Avoid them by consuming Casein Zero from Biotech USA, a product that will make you feel better in a natural way, will optimize the results of your trainings and you will feel great when doing you daily activities.

    Facts of Casein Zero from Biotech USA:

    • It can be consumed by people intolerant to gluten and/or lactose.
    • It provides over 25 grams of protein per serving.
    • It produces a state of slow absorption.
    • It improves the condition of the bone system.
    • It promotes the gain of muscle mass in people who train regularly.
    • It favors healthy diets with high levels of protein.

    Casein Zero from Biotech USA should not be out of your diet, especially if you are celiac or intolerant to lactose, improving the results of your training, your figure, feeding your bones and muscles in the proper way. Gain muscle mass while feeling very good by using a delicious food.

    Recommended use: mix 30 grams of product with 400 ml of water and drink it before going to bed.

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