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Black Bodybuilding Belt - Biotech USA

Black Bodybuilding Belt from Biotech USA is ideal for those who wish to improve their weight lifting and bodybuilding exercises, as well as avoid lesions and hernias in the lower back, and can be used not only for exercises, but for housework where it is necessary to lift heavy weights in the home.

    Black Bodybuilding Belt from Biotech USA is ideal for any athlete.

    Bodybuilding belts, also called weight lifting belts, reduce stress in the lower back (lumbar area) by lifting weight upright and help prevent back hyperextension when performing weight lifting over the head.

    The main function of this type of belts is to reduce lumbar strain by compressing the abdominal cavity, this increases intra-abdominal pressure, which offers more support in low back, in addition, this type of belt will help you maintain alignment which can be very beneficial if you have had a recent injury and can help prevent injuries caused by weight gain, giving you this way, more confidence to lift more weight, can even give you more confidence to train harder for longer, it is necessary to mention that belts not only can help you lift more weight in the gym, but they can also help you at other times when you need to lift weight such as moving furniture.

    According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the best reason to use a weight-lifting belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure or pressure in your abdomen during strenuous or heavy weight lifting, this pressure creates a rigid shell, stabilizes the spine and helps you increase your maximum power, in addition, protects your spine, preventing it from collapsing because of the great weight. Black Bodybuilding Belt from Biotech USA is made of high quality materials, in this case leather which is more rigid, which at the same time provides more firmness and protection to the back, has a comfort padding, has a buckle as a closing mechanism, you can adjust it as you want, in addition to securing the belt at all times and comes in 4 sizes to choose the one that best suits the body from S to XL.

    Facts of Black Bodybuilding Belt from Biotech USA

    • Uses leather as main material.
    • Provides firmness and protection to the back.
    • Uses buckle as a locking mechanism.
    • Optimizes training.
    • Ideal for weight training and weight lifting exercises.
    • Prevents injuries and hernias in the lumbar area.
    • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL.
    • For men and women.
    • Color black and is made with the best quality materials.

    Black Bodybuilding Belt from Biotech USA is ideal for athletes, sportsmen or bodybuilders who perform intense workouts that include exercises of musculature and lifting of weights, since this belt, thanks to the use of leather as a main material provides protection to the lower back and firmness to the area of the back,and thus avoiding hernias and injuries in these areas of the body.

    Recommended Use: adjust in the lumbar area until you feel comfortable.

    Questions and answers
    No se que talla de cinturón me hace falta.tengo 89 cm de cintura.creo que la s
    2019-12-27 19:08:52 Pérez Gregorio
    Hola mande un correo a info@masmusculo.com o llame al número que indica la Web y mis compañeros de Att.cliente le ayudaran tiene más información acerca de la tallas. Un saludo
    2019-12-28 11:07:08 Jose
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    envian a Islas Canarias?
    2019-08-01 08:49:00 Candido Hernandez Gonzalez
    Hola sí hacemos envíos a Canarias, salen los Jueves y lo recibe en una semana. Un saludo
    2019-08-01 11:01:55 Beltran
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    Buenas, me gustaria saber medidas de cinturon tengo de medida unos 74cm aprox, que talla seria?
    2018-06-06 11:04:12 Diego
    Buenos dias, mandanos un correo a info@masmusculo.com y te diran las medidas de cada talla. gracias un saludo
    2018-06-07 09:54:09 Joel
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    Tengo dudas sobre la talla, el perímetro de mi cintura es de unos 83-84 cm , que talla debería usar? creo que sería una M, pero al no especificar el tamaño pues no sé
    2018-01-19 00:11:00 Jordi
    Hola estaría entre la M y la L si tuviera alguna tienda cercana de masmusculo podría probarlo en la tienda, si no es así y lo compra por la web, si no le estuviera bien de talla lo puede cambiar sin problema. Para mas info de tallas debe de enviar un correo a info@masmusculo.com Un saludo
    2018-01-19 10:11:44 Beltran
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