BCAA + Glutamine Zero by BiotechUSA is a powdered sports supplement that helps to provide metabolic energy to your muscles and prevent injuries from sports over-training. It promotes muscle mass increase and provides excellent performance during physical training. It does not contain sugar so you will not have to worry about adding calories to your body.

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  • Gluten Free
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BCAA + Glutamine Zero by BiotechUSA is a sports supplement that increases your muscle mass and gives you more energy to increase your training hours!

BCAA + Glutamine Zero by BiotechUSA is a product of amino acids, carbon and fat free, it contains vitamin B6 that is involved in the proteins metabolism that form the muscles. Amino acids are necessary protein ingredients for the proper functioning of the body; A daily intake ensures you a muscle mass increase and extra energy to perform long workouts because it reduces fatigue.

Essential aspects of BCAA + Glutamine ZERO from Biotech USA

  • The combination of its ingredients stimulates the secretion of insulin which favors the increase of muscle mass.
  • It promotes muscle tissue repair.
  • It decrease muscle recovery time.
  • It is a sports supplement that increases the immune system response.
  • It facilitates muscle glycogen levels´recovery.

What does BCAA + Glutamine ZERO provide?

BCAA + Glutamine Zero by BiotechUSA is a recommended sports supplement for all types of physical training, gluten free, aspartame, lactose, preservatives or sugars. It comes in powder format and in different flavors: Peach, lemon and orange tea. Contains: L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-glutamine, aroma, citric acid, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), steviol glycosides, acesulfame K, salt, vitamin B6, dyes (tartracin, indigo carmine).

Content for every 12 gr:

  • It contains an energy value of 44 Kcal
  • It has less than 0.5g of fat, of which less than 0.1 gr are saturated fats
  • It has 0.9 gr of carbohydrates, of which less 0.5 gr are sugars
  • It has 9.4 gr of protein
  • It has less than 0.01g of salt
  • It contains 5000mg of L-glutamine
  • It has 5000mg of BCAA, of which 2500mg are from L-leucine, 1250 mg are from L-isoleucine and 1250mg are from L-valine

BCAA + Glutamine ZERO by Biotech USA benefits

BiotechUSA products are excellent quality products, safe and carefully selected, so having it guarantees you amazing results in a very short time. It is created for men and women who practise high-impact physical activities or who do sports training at home or in the gym and wish to increase their muscles and energy. It contributes to a pre-workout with very fast and low-calorie amino acids which helps preserve muscles during exercise.

Do not wait any longer and buy this wonderful product, which is recommended for people who have a low fat and sugar diet. It can be diluted in your favourite drink. Consuming it before training helps you protect muscle mass, and after exercise it promotes recovery, and at the same time, it contains vitamin B6, so it promotes digestion, the absorption of its nutrients and increases metabolism. So do not wait any longer, start feeling all the benefits that this effective supplement by Biotech USA brand brings to you, which through an everyday dose gives you everything your body requires for an easy recovery.

How to have BCAA + Glutamine ZERO?

  • The recommended daily dose is 20g.
  • Take 10g before exercise and 10g after exercise.

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