Austin 6 belt by Biotech USA is a sports accessory that protects your lower back and abdominal muscles, it is perfect for any sportsperson and / or athlete who performs strong workouts, including lifting heavy weights and needs to prevent injuries that may slow down sports performance.

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Austin 6 belt by Biotech USA helps you to avoid injuries and have a better sports performance. It is an accessory that you can not miss when it comes to strength training.

Austin 6 belt by Biotech USA is an accessory that contributes to the safety of the sportsperson and / or athlete when making series that involve weight, thus helping the process to be perfect and, as a result, to obtain excellent performance. This gym belt is made with high quality materials, resistant and long-lasting, in addition, it is made with great detail and care to prevent breakage; It has a perfect way to support this area of ​​vital importance especially in this type of routines where body is exposed or prone to suffering injuries.

Austin 6 belt by Biotech USA comes in black color, with a modern design, double horizontal seams and a great way to give support, in addition, it has a buckle to adjust to the correct measurement of your back; It also presents the brand logo that gives originality and recognition to this accessory.

Austin 6 Belt by Biotech USA helps the athlete to execute each movement of the planned routine correctly, allows to increase the physical performance and to obtain the expected results; it contributes in some way to physical well-being, helps to prevent injuries in the lower back and abdominal muscles, therefore, after training you can perform your daily activities without any inconvenience, without pain or discomfort. In this order of ideas, this accessory offers excellent support to the spine, this area of ​​the body which is vital for our mobility and normal day-to-day development.

Characteristics of Austin 6 Belt by Biotech USA

  • Sports accessory with a new design
  • Made with very resistant materials
  • It has adjustable buckle
  • It contributes to strength routines
  • It supports in lifting heavy weights
  • It helps prevent injuries
  • Ideal for athletes and / or strength athletes

This great belt is perfect for anyone who wishes to protect lower back and abdominal muscles in order to avoid injuries that would undoubtedly interrupt physical development for some time; It can be used by women and men who perform strong routines or who practice any discipline that has to do with weightlifting or any other type of heavy material. Austin 6 Belt by Biotech USA is perfect for athletes and / or elite athletes, whose physical demand is exhaustive and requires strength and endurance to execute the training properly. Don't wait any longer and buy this new product by Biotech USA

Recommended use: Place it on the abdominal area and adjust it. Put it on at training time, or when required to avoid injuries.

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