Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA is enriched with L-glutamine and an innovative patented formula known as AminoSynth™, which contains calcium alpha-ketroglutarate, magnesium pyruvate Vitamin B6, among other micronutrients that give it capabilities for optimum and optimal muscle development. It also optimizes the synthesis of amino acids.

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Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA includes an exact dose of glutamine of the highest quality.

Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA has a great variety of metabolic components that favor the synthesis of amino acids.

This sports supplement is composed of an innovative blend called AminoSynth™ which has among its components a large number of metabolites, that is, metabolic elements, combined with vitamins used by the body to make the cells synthesize the amino acids necessary to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, and help the activity of the hormonal system. Amino Build Elite is a product that belongs to the Elite Series line developed by Biotech USA. It is the perfect complement for those who want to increase sports performance and optimize the development of muscle mass. It has ingredients of the highest quality, 100% safe and specially selected for the manufacture of this nutritional supplement. Its exclusive formula provides the body with a mega dose free of stimulants that includes seven active elements that provide the glutamine necessary to obtain a splendid physique and provide other cofactors that enhance a unique and fast muscle building.

This nutritional supplement has in its formulation elements with exceptional properties, such as muscle tissue repair, perfect recovery and better immune function. It also helps reduce the symptoms caused by overtraining, prevents muscle catabolism, and stimulates nitrogen balance, among other effects. Recent scientific studies have indicated that glutamine, an ingredient in Amino Build Elite formula, is highly effective in improving nitrogen stored in the body, resulting in a significant positive impact on nitrogen balance, which is the responsible for an optimal development of muscle strength. This amino acid intervenes in different metabolic pathways linked to catabolic processes and to the construction of muscle tissue. Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA is a product that has a potent formula with several compounds among which we can find calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, magnesium pyruvate, vitamin B6, pteroyl-l-glutamic acid, also known as vitamin B9, vitamin B12 and molybdenum.

Facts of Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA

  • Participates in the synthesis of proteins.
  • Optimizes sports performance.

Amino Build Elite from Biotech USA is the complement your body needs to grow more than ever. Your muscles will look gigantic. It is also involved in the process of protein synthesis.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement for healthy adults, it is recommended, during training days, to ingest 4 capsules after the training. During rest days, take 4 capsules before meals.

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