Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit is a vegetable native to Japan that can make your culinary arsenal richer, in addition, it offers its excellent therapeutic properties. It can be used in various Eastern-style meals or with some of the dishes that you know. It is a depurative and revitalizing food that will add value to your nutrition.

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    Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit is one of the Eastern culinary secrets, which now you can have in your kitchen. Improve your nutrition with excellent nutritious properties!

    Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit is a vegetable from the radish family, but with particular properties. This is a white root with elongated shape, which looks like a carrot without color. It stands out for containing a wide range of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that make it a great source of energy.

    In addition, it is a traditional Japanese food served frequently along with sushi, miso soups or tempuras (Japanese food made from deep-fried sea food or vegetables). In this case, you get the julienne dehydrated version, process which it goes through not just for a matter of preservation. Once dehydrated it increases, between 15 and 32 times, its levels of calcium, iron and vitamins B1 and B2.

    You can take advantage of the potential of Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit in your kitchen. Cut into pieces, it can accompany a rice soup with aromatic ingredients as basil. Besides it is tasty with grilled trout fillets, passed through a grater. It is excellent fried along with rice or wholemeal noodles. Moreover, it is almost a must in a miso soup or ramen. And can be great in green vegetable salads or multicolor ones. Furthermore, it is delicious with seaweed, fish, seafood and soy sprouts. You can even hydrate it and eat directly with the seasoning of your preference, all thanks to its delicious taste.

    In addition, Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit has amazing properties that you can use to boost your quality of life. It is one of the favorite foods in any macrobiotic cuisine for its alkalizing capacity. It is recommended to balance the alkalinity of the body, to overcome the excess left by the consumption of meat and fatty food. It has an important depurative effect, due to its diuretic power, and is also revitalizing. Its consumption promotes the removal of mucus, and helps to ease the respiratory system. Likewise, it has a large amount of vitamin C, which always favors and benefits the immune system. All these virtues can be assimilated through a tea made with this Eastern root.

    Facts of Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit

    • From ecological farming.
    • Available in state dry, which gives it numerous nutritional properties.
    • Excellent to accompany various food.
    • Contributes vitamins, minerals and fibers vital to health.

    Sengiri Daikon from BioSpirit is an Eastern root that you can have in your kitchen. Use it in your meals to add flavor or to use it for its therapeutic benefits. With its consumption, you will take advantage of its high amount of calcium, iron and vitamins. It is depurative and a natural source of vitality.

    Recommended use: soak to give its hydration back. Use in various meals to taste. It can be boiled to obtain a medicinal tea.

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