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Quinoa BioSpirit - 500 g

Quinoa by BioSpirit brand is a cereal rich in protein, coming from organic cultivation.


    The origin of Quinoa is Bolivia and Peruwhich formerly was known as the Andes. 

    Quinoa is a food of high nutritional interest due to its high content of protein of high ecological value, which also provides, whole spectrum of essential amino acids. The high protein value of this cereal is largely the germ content, which in Quinoa is of a 30% of the total grain weight. In the great majority of the cereals this germ does not exceed the 1% of its weight, therefore the protein value of the cereals is negligible. 

    Another major feature of the Quinoa, which in turn is a great advantage, is that it does not contains gluten, what converts it in a highly recommended product for celiacs, or people with leaky gut syndrome, or intestinal allergies.

    Recent studies about the Quinoa, have shown to possess anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 

    Do not forget that the Quinoa by BioSpirit is a cereal and as such, its consumption is recommended as a clean carbohydrate, and of low glycemic index, and not for its protein intake, that although it is much higher than other cereals, the percentage is minimal compared to its value as a carbohydrate. 

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