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Organic California Raisins - 250 g

Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit is a rich appetizer obtained from organic farming. As the name suggests, these raisins are native to California and stand out for their contribution in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, these delicious raisins are an excellent fruit to snack on and enjoy. This food is a delicacy to brighten your days up.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit are fleshy and delicious, thus being perfect to eat between meals.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit is a product made up of raisins obtained from organic farming that are native to California. These raisins take to your home a unique and fun way to eat dried grapes. They are presented in its smallest, fleshiest and most tender variety.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit constitutes a food supplement obtained from the process of dehydration of grapes. A very comfortable and great product to snack on during the day. Do not hesitate to acquire enough for you and your family to feel satisfied at any moment. They are delicious, small and with the seeds removed.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit represents a unique and healthy snack. In fact, unlike other sweet snacks, these exquisite raisins have the highest nutritional value. They have a delicious taste, but are also very healthy, thus being product suitable for everyone. These raisins retain an incredible energy contribution due to its richness in fructose. And in reality, it is also the dessert that athletes should include in their diet. To top it all off, this product concentrates a high amount of energy thanks to its simple carbohydrates, which optimizes your training considerably.

    In addition to containing fiber and vitamins, these organic raisins are also high in minerals. Enjoy and take advantage of a food supplement whose nutritional qualities are excellent to meet your needs and play an important role in your overall health. These raisins cannot eat themselves, so, be the next customer to satisfy their appetite with a different and healthy dessert. It is important to mention that it was made with the intention of sweetening your palate and frame the best taste experience.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit is a number one product on the market, which should not surprise anyone because it has it all: the flavor, aroma and texture. This fleshy and tender product includes a mixture of sensational flavors. It is the most outstanding among all its versions and appears in different presentations to meet the most diverse consumer demands. They are extraordinarily soft, rough and leave the best taste in the mouth. The best of all is that you can consume them in different ways and incorporate them into other recipes. It is valid to try them directly or enrich other dishes with their sweet and natural essence.

    Facts of Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit:

    • From organic farming.
    • Rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals.
    • Its texture is rough, tender and soft.
    • Offers a sweet flavor to enjoy.
    • Pitted.
    • Can be eaten as an appetizer between meals.

    Organic California Raisins from BioSpirit has been grown and harvested under organic farming high-quality standards. They are extremely rich, fleshy and tender. A tasty appetizer that the palate will thank you at all times.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement can be eaten as is or accompanied with other recipes.

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