The healthy and succulent Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit is a type of lentils that vary a little in its appearance, because its seeds are smaller, round and brown, however, they have the excellent characteristic of being super-resistant heat, therefore, their cooking time is longer, and the shells do not come off, so they are fantastic to enjoy with rice.

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Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit consists of small seeds that require a very long cooking time and are very juicy.

Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit may appear a simple food when you put it on the table, but what you possibly ignore is that you are really eating the best and greatest legume, especially, because lentils are full of nutrients, especially, rich in proteins, minerals and fiber. Unlike the usual and traditional green, red or yellow lentils, these ones are brown and do not come apart when cooked, are mega delicious and have a very high quality.

Despite the positive differences so far, Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit are still the typical lentils that you love to eat in those days that you fancy a fully vegetarian lunch or dinner, however, it is a variety of lentils that surpasses any other, since although they have a strong, dark color and they are smaller, their shell does not come off when cooked because they stand the cooking time superbly, and when serving them on the plate, they harmonize very well other accompaniments.

Fortunately, these tasty brown lentils can be used as a super-fantastic food to compensate for proteins that come from meat and other alternatives of animal and/or fatty origin, in that sense, when serving them at lunch or dinner, you can enjoy an infinite source of protein, but the only detail is that its amino acid intake is not as complete as in other vegetables, so, it is recommended to accompany it with rice and other cereals, rich in methionine, to increase the protein intake.

Other of the fabulous nutritional qualities of the exquisite Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit is that they are very abundant in fiber, thus being very good to eat and feel full, to counteract constipation and to favor the intestinal flora. In addition, eating lentils is extremely pleasing and indicated for people who want to lose weight. To illustrate the nutritional power, let us consider the following example: a cup of these prodigious seeds have a very high amount of vitamins, especially vitamin A, those in the B complex (namely vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12), as well as vitamins E, C, and K.

When it comes to minerals, there is no doubt that Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit is very rich in iron, being this, necessary for the production of red blood cells, but lentils are also very rich in potassium, copper, phosphorus and zinc. It is worth mentioning that it contains discrete amounts of selenium and calcium. The most remarkable thing is that these seeds do not have fats, they are very low in calories and they also have an imperceptible amount of sodium.

In short, these delicious brown lentils are the perfect vegetarian food to balance a fantastically healthy diet, so enjoy them with a hot dish of delicious rice, or use them to make stews by adding bacon, meat, vegetables, among others; you can even add them to salads or soups. Let your imagination fly!

Facts of Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit

  • Appetizing lentils of smaller size, rounded shape and juicy.
  • The shell of the seed does not come off, as they resist very well high temperatures.
  • Provide a lot of proteins and essential amino acids.
  • Rich in several minerals, especially iron.
  • Abundant in fiber, so feeling satisfied will be one of the results of eating it.
  • Low in calories and sodium.
  • Without fat.

Organic Brown Lentils from BioSpirit is the best legume you can eat, so include it in your diet and eat it, at least once a week, to enjoy its delicious and different flavor and take advantage of its incredible nutritional richness.

Recommended use: soak them in a pot with water and let to simmer. After 45 minutes, season, wait a few minutes, preferably 15, over low heat, and finally, put the pot off. You can eat them with rice, with other cereals, added to salads, broth, soups, or to make a brown lentil stew.

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