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Kidney Beans - 400 g

Kidney Beans from Bioidea is an organic product, made with the highest quality based on kidney beans, water and sea salt. They add a high content of proteins, energizers, minerals and vitamins to all those recipes in which you want to use them to make rich, balanced and nutritious dishes. They are ideal to include in your kitchen.

    Kidney Beans from Bioidea, a healthy and balanced diet.

    Kidney Beans from Bioidea is a product made with kidney beans, water and sea salt, the kidney beans are generally referred to as legumes and have a lot of properties which are ideal to go on a healthy and balanced diet for all those who consume them. Made with the highest quality, Kidney Beans from Bioidea add high amounts of proteins, energizers, minerals and vitamins to all those recipes in which you want to use them, such as stocks, wraps, salads, pasta, meats, either in afternoon or dinner, make food a healthier dish for you and your family.

    Legumes are a set of seeds highly recommended nutritionally by all the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, fiber, minerals, nutrients and vitamins they contain, so to include them in our recipes of the week is not a bad idea. Kidney Beans from Bioidea are a set of beans made and canned with the highest quality, which ensures that the product is safe and is preserved in the best way. Lunch and dinner are two of the most important meals of the day and accompany these meals with organic kidney beans makes your dishes more healthy and nutritious, you can use them in the preparation of stocks, salads, pasta, meats, wraps, whether it's a hot or cold dish, everything is up to your choice and preference.

    They are ideal for people who do some kind of strong physical work or for those who are in the growth stage, due to its high protein and energizing content, it also helps in the digestive process and also have other health benefits thanks to the vitamins and minerals that contributes to the body. Do not hesitate to include in your purchases Kidney Beans from Bioidea, so that your meals are different, nutritious and you can share their natural and rich flavor with all your family and friends.

     Facts of Kidney Beans from Bioidea

    • Organic product.
    • Provides different types of proteins, lipids, fibers, minerals and vitamins.
    • Made with the highest quality.
    • Provides the body with energy.
    • Helps in the digestive process.

    Kidney Beans from Bioidea is the best way to accompany your meals to make of them different, healthier and balanced dishes, also provide different nutrients, vitamins and proteins to your daily life and that of your family.

    Recommended use: add to meals at lunch or dinner in moderate amounts, whether cold or hot dishes, prepare to taste.

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