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List of products by brand Bioidea

Bioidea is a prestigious brand of organic and biological products of the highest quality. Bioidea is an empire of agricultural producers passionate about what they do, committed to the goal of offering the consumer a wide range of organic products, also called biological or bio that not only protect the planet but are exquisite and healthy.

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Balsamic vinegar from modena - 250 ml
Modena Balsamic Vinegar - 250 mlBioidea
Modena Balsamic Vinegar from Bioidea  is, in addition to exquisite, an ideal ingredient to be...
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€8.00 - €10.00

Bioidea is a commercial name of organic products originating in the Mediterranean where companies still consider the traditional and artisanal as very valuable factors in agriculture, which is 100% organic and natural. Bioidea products focus on natural methods (such as crop rotation and other similar) that allow the cultural essence of the region to be maintained, focused on keeping it clean and healthy for the next generations. The procedures used by Bioidea are ecological and healthy, since it has not been necessary to use fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals; On the contrary, it is considered that natural factors such as the sun maximize the flavor of the products, fundamental basis in the preparation of delicious recipes.

Bioidea is a manufacturer that meets the growing need of thousands of consumers who want to buy good products, flavorful but healthy. The cooperation of existing family businesses for many generations and the intrapersonal relationships have given rise to an extensive network of farmers and producers that make this common goal possible, offering better products, healthier and friendly with the ecosystem. Organic foods are characterized by high nutritional value, since they usually have a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than those produced in systems with the use of agrochemicals.

Bioidea produces articles that clearly establish the difference between secular products and products of bio origin, which are totally free of chemical residues and synthetic additives, and do not contain genetic alterations. In this way, the consumer should only decide what kind of lifestyle he wants to lead, but of course, a healthy diet, free of chemicals, harmful additives and preservatives will always be better. Bioidea is the best option.

The wide range of Bioidea offers: Bio Tricolor Spirals, Red Lentil Spirals, Bio Integral Spaghetti, Bio Integral Noodles, Bio White Lasagna, Bio Integral Spelt Lasagne, Sicilian Bio Pesto Sauce, Bio Peeled Whole Tomato, Bio Passata Crushed Tomato, Lemon Juice Bio, among others.

Bioidea is a company committed for more than ten years with the consumers, its commitment is nothing more than to offer quality products produced under 100% organic and natural systems and procedures, and that keep with them original and rich flavors, with high levels of nutrients Bioidea brings to your table the possibility of a healthier life without sacrifices or deprivation, with rich flavors and without additives, preservatives or artificial fragrances. Bioidea is the best ally for you and your family, because it takes care of you, your family and the environment. Bioidea is still number one in organic food, now for more than ten years. The brand that takes care of you, your diet and the planet.