Yellow Soy from Biocop is the food supplement that offers the largest amount of proteins in this category. If you like to add it to your diet, be happy knowing the versatility this product has for all kinds of recipes. In addition to nutritional supplements, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of soy yellow.

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    Yellow Soy from Biocop is the only food supplement with more than one use in the kitchen.

    Yellow Soy from Biocop is the favorite food supplement of mothers, especially for the many uses it has for a wide range of recipes. Thanks to Yellow Soy from Biocop, it is possible to prepare a recipe that requires soybeans, soy drink, tofu (Japanese custard-like food made from soybeans) and even soy sauces. One way or another, it is like having ten products in one. If you are bored of consuming the same during two days, you can always prepare another recipe or the same but in a different way, always being smart and taking advantage of the great qualities of this product.

    Usually, Yellow Soy from Biocop is used to prepare the most delicious dishes. It is very important to add an extra ingredient if the result can change for better. Therefore, if you are planning to prepare the best stew for a larger dish, do not hesitate to use a hint of this delicious soy because this decision could determine the finish of your recipe. Similarly, yellow soy is also perfect for being added to soups, salads, sautes and creams.

    If you would use Yellow Soy from Biocop to make soy flour, then you should know that there is no recipe you could not prepare thanks to this new food supplement. If you love pastries, you can show off using your homemade soy flour. Make the best and richest biscuits or gluten free rolls, but always taking advantage of the benefits of soy. However, you should not be stagnating in rich desserts, since you can also prepare the best soy dumplings to accompany the main dishes. Positive changes are always good, so dare to switch ingredients to make the same dishes.

    Finally, if you opt for soy sauce, you get the main element of many dishes. Yellow Soy from Biocop is a great dressing, especially for Western recipes. Decide to try this completely flexible food supplement that was made with the purpose of enriching your favorite dishes. Today, take advantage of its benefits and low price.

    Facts of Yellow Soy from Biocop

    • Comes from ecological crops.
    • A rich source of proteins.
    • Ideal recreate different recipes.
    • Contributes fiber and minerals.
    • Free of gluten.
    • Contains B vitamins.

    Legumes are very important in daily nutrition. Add Yellow Soy from Biocop to all your dishes and recipes in order to take advantage of all its properties and versatility and prepare the best desserts with soy flour and the best soy sauce for dressing.

    Recommended use: an incredible food supplement to accompany the best dishes, prepare soy drinks, tofu, soy flour, soy sauce and even soy oil.

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