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White Clay Argil - 100 g

White Clay Argil from Biocop is a mixture of white clay from the best organic farming to prepare facemasks, apply on the face and show off a fresh, smooth and rejuvenated appearance. It has a great content of minerals and natural nutrients to improve the health of the dermis.

    White Clay Argil from Biocop: a fresh and ideal alternative for facial care.

    White Clay Argil from Biocop is a powder based on the best white clay, finely ground and obtained from the best organic farming, ideal to develop effective facemasks and offer the skin a fresh, smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Thanks to the excellent properties of this natural cosmetic, without doubt, it provides minerals and valuable nutrients for the health of the dermis. Especially indicated for dry or wrinkled skin.

    Caring for the skin is a habit that we must have and do it at least once a week as a nutritional deficiency, the sun and other external factors, undoubtedly, impair its elasticity and beautiful appearance. The good news is that Biocop always thinks about our comfort and well-being, that's why, has created this product from organic farming to prepare excellent masks every time we want, apply on the skin of the face and show an fresh, smooth and rejuvenated appearance. The best of all is that being an organic product, we can enjoy the opportunity to give our body some of the most effective and generous natural cosmetics for facial care.

    One of the main advantages of White Clay Argil from Biocop is that it is an excellent source of valuable minerals and nutrients that favor cell regeneration, significantly improving the appearance of the face, giving it a fresh, smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Even dry and wrinkled skin is doing very well because it strengthens the skin structure, helping to look an incredibly beautiful and moisturized complexion. For greater benefits, this product comes in a convenient format of easy preparation, so it is enough to add water and in a few minutes we can obtain a consistent paste to apply to the face and get a refreshing moment. Also, if we want to increase its beneficial properties, we can also add a little orange or honey to the mixture.

    Facts of White Clay Argil from Biocop

    • Fine and natural white clay powder to prepare facial masks
    • Offers a fresh, smooth and rejuvenated sensation when applying
    • Helps strengthen the skin's health
    • Provides a young-looking and moisturized appearance
    • From the best organic farming

    White Clay Argil from Biocop is the alternative that we were all waiting for to achieve a perfect and totally healthy face. In addition, its application is ideal for both men and women, it is the perfect treatment for facial care.

    Recommended use: in a container other than metal or plastic, pour a little water and then add the clay. Stir and let it make a consistent paste. Turn over with a wooden spatula to finish giving the appropriate texture and finally apply on the face.

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