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White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio - 400g

White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is a delicious spreadable butter based on the best white chocolate, grown under the concepts of sustainable agriculture. Nuscobio is delicious, nutritious and made with fresh and top-notch ingredients, perfect to add to breakfast or your favorite desserts.

    White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio, smooth as cotton candy, delicious, nutritious and 100% organic.

    White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio was designed to satisfy demanding palates, its soft taste and texture are its most outstanding characteristics, as it was made with the highest quality white chocolate: certified UTZ cocoa. White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio belongs to the range of products made with cocoa UTZ certification, which implies that its growing is 100% sustainable and that to that end ecological and agricultural measures have been implemented, that is, of little or no impact on the environment and consumer health. Nuscobio from Biocop specializes in creating safe and healthy foods, since within its measures it emphasizes the conscious and moderate use of the fertilizers and agrochemicals, as well as meticulous procedures to obtain Premium raw material, that is why, White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is the best option for you and your family.

    White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio maintains the natural properties of white chocolate and its numerous nutrients, such as: Vitamins A and B, protein, iron, potassium, zinc and a high calcium content, which is ideal for bones and for women in the gestation stage, and which is when the body absorbs it more quickly. White chocolate is also known for its energy supply making it ideal for athletes.

    White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is an excellent supplement to the food basket, your breakfasts and snacks will never be the same and your guests will be delighted. White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is spreadable and delicious, it will combine perfectly with desserts and toast, and will perfectly supplement the flavor of your shakes. The sublime flavor of Nuscobio will draw a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

    Facts of White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio

    • Made from 100% white chocolate.
    • Certified UTZ Cocoa.
    • Keeps the natural properties of white chocolate.
    • Delicious taste and texture.
    • No preservatives or artificial additives.
    • Provides energy.

    White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is a 100% organic and healthy spreadable butter, made with ingredients of high quality and under ecological procedures. White Chocolate Butter Nuscobio is a safe, rich and nutritious food that will make your breakfasts and snacks more tasty and creative, everyone will want to eat this spread of soft texture.

    Recommended Use: as a spread to accompany breakfast, snacks and appetizers, as a dessert filling or as an additional ingredient for drinks and shakes. Keep in a dry and cool place. Be sure to seal the pack tightly after use.

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