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Hazelnut Waffles - 175 g

Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop are completely made from wholemeal wheat flour, with hazelnut filling and sweetened with wheat syrup and malted corn. It is a rounded waffle, very delicious that we can eat with coffee or chocolaty milkshake. These waffles are exquisite as a crunchy and sweet breakfast.

    Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop can be used as a snack you can eat at any moment to sweeten your palate and get filled of energy.

    Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop is suitable for any lifestyle and way of life. It is a food supplement perfect for people of all ages. This is a product very difficult to refuse, especially due to its natural qualities. If you want to start your days full of energy, do it with these hazelnut waffles. It is an exquisite alternative, in which the sweet and crunchy create the best combination.

    Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop are free of sugars added and additives. Unlike other products, it has a sweet flavor and is perfectly natural. Thanks to its malted ecological corn syrup, you can enjoy an mystique-like explosion of flavors. All this without worrying about the consequences of additional or harmful ingredients. Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop has innovative, ecological and top-quality ingredients.

    By consuming this food supplement, you will take delight in an appetizing and fresh delicacy. Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop can be taken to anywhere, whether with your small, attractive and practical bag or with your favorite food container. It is a magnificent appetizer if you want a light food, but with incredible satiating properties. Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop brings the best of nature, leaving artificial ingredients aside.

    If you want to promote its consumption even more, you can incorporate Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop also in your plate all the times you want a mix of jam, melted chocolate, fruit pieces and even honey syrup. Likewise, accompany it with a hot or cold drink to enjoy during ingestion and repeat as many times as you want. With Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop will be impossible do without snacks.

    Facts of Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop

    • Delicious waffles made from wholemeal wheat flour.
    • Filled with a delicious content of hazelnuts.
    • Its ingredients are completely ecological.
    • Excellent source of fiber and proteins.
    • Has a crunchy texture that makes it irresistible.
    • A food supplement incredibly versatile if you want to eat along with any type of food and drinks.
    • Completely free of sugars added and artificial ingredients.
    • Contains traces of milk.
    • Offers a high energy value.

    Hazelnut Waffles from Biocop is not just a delicacy for our palate, but it is also an excellent supplement due to its high nutritional value. If you are a fan of sweets, but also like to protect your nutrition above all, these waffles incorporate the best of the two worlds. An exquisite flavor, with the healthy natural ingredients, selected very carefully for the sake of your delight.

    Recommended use: ideal for breakfast or snack during the day. You can eat the waffles on their own or add it other foods of your choice. Whether chocolate, fruit, vegetable drinks, yogurt, among others. Always keep in a fresh and dry place. Once opened, keep it tightly closed for optimum conservation.

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