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Vita 12 Vitamont Juice - 6 x 20 cl

Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a juice made with the puree and juice of 12 fruits, which have been selected very carefully and utmost detail. It is a delicious product, with a very practical size and the straw allows a better tasting. It has 6 units and each unit has a straw. Ideal for children, athletes and adults.

    Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a product that offers you a mouth-watering flavor and a lot of vitality.

    Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a special juice that has been designed to accompany you easily at all times of the day and in all activities. This product has been specially prepared with puree and juice of banana, orange, apple, white grape, mango, pineapple, apricot, peach, rosehip, grapefruit, lemon and pear.

    Each one of the fruits has been selected with enough care, in order to offer you the highest possible quality. Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is natural, contains no sugars, does not contain colorings and is free of preservatives. This great product has 6 units, each unit has its straw and they have a very practical size that allows you to take them easily anywhere.

    Juices must be an important of your lifestyle if you want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, whether you are a child, an athlete or adult. But you have to admit that sometimes there is no time to prepare them, that's why, this special product has been made, to make your daily routine easier. This juice mixes the best and most delicious flavors. In addition, it only has the sugar that its fruits have naturally and that allows this to be a juice of high quality. Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a product from fruit puree, which allows to provide vitamins, which are always necessary for the good operation of our organism. Enjoy its flavor at any time or place.

    If you are one of those people who do not have enough time to prepare a good juice, we recommend these practical and wonderful juices. The best thing is that they do not come from concentrates, but come directly from fruits, which is something that will make you feel as if you were drinking a juice prepared recently. Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a surprisingly delicious cocktail with which you can enjoy any moment, fill yourself with vitamins in sports activities, enrich your breakfast with flavor and improve your snacks. It is a nutritious, delicious and quite practical product.

    Facts of Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop

    • Contains 6 units.
    • Made from delicious and nutritious juices.
    • Provides good vitamins.
    • Each unit has a straw.
    • Contains puree and juice of 12 fruits.
    • The practical size is suitable for easy transportation.
    • Does not contain sugars, colorings or preservatives.
    • Recommended to take at breakfast or snack time.
    • Ideal for busy people, athletes, children and adults.

    This is a practical juice that you can easily take anywhere, you will be delighted with its flavor. Each unit has its own straw, which will allow a better tasting. Vita 12 Vitamont Juice from Biocop is a great companion that will improve your day with just one sip.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take it at breakfast, snack or drink as a soda.

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