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Lima Ume-su Vinegar - 250 ml

Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop is a delicious product, totally organic, healthy and natural. Its composition consists of slightly sour plums that go through a delicate process, in which chemicals are not used, in order to obtain an exquisite liquid which will work perfect to season and give a unique taste to salads, meats and other recipes of your liking.

    With Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop, you will give life, flavor and aroma to your favorite recipes.

    Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop is the touch that is often needed in our kitchen. It is excellent to season foods and fill them nutrients. In particular, it is excellent to take delight in a unique taste, totally natural and organic. And this is not all, as you will also enjoy the wonderful aroma which comes off in every drop you pour. Do not fear for your body because it will be very helpful in diets and also for athletes.

    You can enjoy and have fun at the time of cooking food as it provides a great flavor and exquisite aroma, so you could add some to all kinds of dishes such as salads, pickles, vinaigrettes, cooked vegetables, sauces, corncobs, tofu, and many more. If you are a person with little knowledge of the products that Biocop distributes, then, you should know that Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop is shining example of what to expect from such company, that is, high-quality and healthy products. In particular, Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop is a somewhat sour liquid obtained from plums that bear the name UME.

    It is a product widely used in Japan, when it has received the name UMEBOSHI, which means "hydrated plum", after the process by which the fresh and natural plum goes through to extract its vinegar. It is important to mention that Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop has a quite delicious flavor and aroma, in part, due to the addition of exquisite sea salt and a pinch of Shiso leaves, which gives it a pleasant touch and a reddish color. And you might be picturing right now, this is a product that you can include in your diet without worrying about negative effects on your body, which is, in fact, the opposite as it provides many nutrients, let alone, that it also acts as a detoxifier for the organism.

    This time, Biocop has put on the market a delicious and nutritious seasoning that everyone should have at home, in special, because it is perfect to improve the flavor of salads, to prepare aromatic vinaigrettes, and give great flavor to tofu. Not only it is a product used in the East, but also everywhere around the world. When you use it, your relatives will be extremely delighted and wondering what the secret of such delicious dishes would be. Do not miss the opportunity to make your meals a lot more delicious!

    Facts of Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop:

    • Made from all natural products such as UME plum, shiso leaves and sea salt.
    • From organic farming.
    • Free of preservatives, sweeteners, colorings and artificial additives.
    • Ideal for preparing rich dressings, mayonnaise, pickles, or to add to a large number of recipes.
    • Suitable for vegetarians, as it does not contain gluten or sugar.
    • Unique flavor and aroma.
    • Attractive container.

    Lima Ume-su Vinegar from Biocop is perfect to include it in your shopping list and always have it in your pantry. Be smart! Give a delicious Japanese touch to your salads, vinaigrettes and dressings, or use it to prepare a delicious tofu. Enjoy and take delight in a delicious seasoning that also gives a wonderful aroma. To top it all off, it is also associated with various health benefits as it has detoxifying effects on the organism.

    Recommended Use: excellent to prepare mayonnaise, pickles, salads, various sour vegetables, etc. It has a smell that is highly appreciated for sauteing vegetables, rice, couscous or pasta. And it is special to prepare tofu, as it improves its flavor like no other complement does.

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